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7 Stormtroopers To Follow On Instagram If You Want To Travel Inter-Galactic Style

After the fall of the infamous Galactic Empire, surviving Stormtroopers were scattered all over the galaxy. Some of them landed on a system called Earth. With nothing much left to do and all the imperial vehicles sold for parts, these Stormtroopers lugged their backpacks to travel the world. In no particular order, here are the Stormtroopers taking over Instagram travel by storm. #punintended

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1. Paweł of Warsaw, Poland @rostwortrooper / Via Instagram: @rostwortrooper

Paweł is from Poland but work brought him to Dubai. He's been to Kuwait, South Africa, Japan, the USA, and Indonesia and is looking forward to visiting many other places. He likes yachts, motorbikes, and crossfit WR.

2. Tyler of Dallas, Texas, USA @thetrooperdude / Via Instagram: @thetrooperdude

Tyler can be seen on Disney Park rides, lounging on the beach, and doing canon balls in the pool. He's a weekend traveler and has traveled across the US and many places in Europe.

3. Andy of Telford, England @smoothimperial / Via Instagram: @smoothimperial

Andy is originally from Telford, England but currently, lives in New York City. His favorite destination is the Black Rock City Burning Man. He travels across the US by the Californian Zephyr, usually for three weeks, and his bucket list includes the Grand Canyon, the Yosemite, and the Sequoia National Park.

Being a certified Gentlemen of the Force, he runs regular fundraising activities on his Instagram and website for Make-A-Wish America.

4. Sterling of Utah, USA @that.stormtrooper.kid / Via Instagram: @that.stormtrooper.kid

At a young age of 15, Sterling had already been to China, Mexico, and Canada. His favorite destination is Chengdu, China where he got to be up close with the giant pandas. Ireland, Iceland, and Italy are currently on his bucket list.

5. Reyan of Geelong, Victoria, Australia @geelongtrooper / Via Instagram: @geelongtrooper

Reyan is a prominent figure in Geelong, Victoria. He's a brand ambassador of a local clothing line, and an active member of the local cosplay community in the city.

Also a certified Gentlemen of the Force, he once streamed live on social media while getting his legs waxed and raised over $1,200 for Make-A-Wish Australia.

6. Noah of San Diego, California, USA @yondutrooper_official / Via Instagram: @yondutrooper_official

Noah is the omnipresent character at San Diego Comic-Cons. He used to make stormtrooper helmets from paper-mache until he got his first genuine bucket. When the movie Guardians of the Galaxy was released, he transformed his bucket into a Yondu-Stormtrooper mashup and Yondutrooper was born.

7. Noel of Nueva Ecija, Philippines @troopertravelsph / Via Instagram: @troopertravelsph

Noel loves being with nature. He enjoys trekking, camping and hanging out on nature parks. To reach the summit of Mount Fuji and to hover over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are just two of the many places in his bucket list.

He did an interview with the other six Stormtroopers which you can read on his blog, Ten Thousand Strangers.

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