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    7 Stormtroopers To Follow On Instagram If You Want To Travel Inter-Galactic Style

    After the fall of the infamous Galactic Empire, surviving Stormtroopers were scattered all over the galaxy. Some of them landed on a system called Earth. With nothing much left to do and all the imperial vehicles sold for parts, these Stormtroopers lugged their backpacks to travel the world. In no particular order, here are the Stormtroopers taking over Instagram travel by storm. #punintended

    1. Paweł of Warsaw, Poland @rostwortrooper

    2. Tyler of Dallas, Texas, USA @thetrooperdude

    3. Andy of Telford, England @smoothimperial

    4. Sterling of Utah, USA @that.stormtrooper.kid

    5. Reyan of Geelong, Victoria, Australia @geelongtrooper

    6. Noah of San Diego, California, USA @yondutrooper_official

    7. Noel of Nueva Ecija, Philippines @troopertravelsph