• Ultrashape System For Immediate Fat Cell Destruction Joel E. Kopelman, MD. FACS, a board-certified oculo-facial surgeon and founder of the Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center is the first physician in New Jersey to offer the UltraShape™ver.3, a breakthrough treatment recently FDA cleared for Fat Cell Destruction. The UltraShape ver .3 system developed by medical device leader Syneron Candela is the first and only non invasive fat reduction treatment that uses pulsed focused ultrasound to immediately and comfortably destroy fat cells, resulting in measurable outcomes in as little as two weeks. The UltraShape device works by emitting emits waves of focused pulsed ultrasonic energy that converge at a closely confined area where patients want to target stubborn fat. Ultrasound is comfortably delivered to the treatment area, while keeping surrounding tissue, nerves and muscles intact and undamaged. Fat cells are destroyed and eliminated by the body’s natural processes as soon as two weeks after treatment resulting in very visible immediate reduction. “We are very excited about offering UltraShape ver.3 to our patients. UltraShape’s patented technology allows us to precisely delivery ultrasound energy with extraordinary precision so we can target and destroy fat cells immediately. Unlike traditional ultrasound technology, UltraShape’s delivers energy in pulses rather than in single continuous waves which are often painful. The result is a quick, safe and comfortable treatment experience without discomfort, lumps, bumps or soreness associated with many other non-invasive fat reduction treatments, says Dr. Joel Kopelman at the Ridgewood based Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center. “Treatments take less than an hour and patients can go right back to their normal activities without any disruption. Nothing works faster than UltraShape” Dr. Joel Kopelman adds. In the randomized, controlled clinical study of UltraShape which was performed at three clinical sites in the US and one site outside of the US, a total of 150 subjects were treated and followed for up to four months. Ninety four percent of patients saw a measurable circumferential reduction with 90 percent of patients being satisfied with their treatment outcomes. This is one of the largest studies ever performed in the area of non-invasive aesthetics. The UltraShape is a very versatile device that is effective for the reduction of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. UltraShape is FDA cleared for fat cell destruction and is used to improve body shape and contour. The UltraShape device has been used in over 300,000 procedures worldwide, with an excellent safety and efficacy profile. To learn more about UltraShape, our practice or to request a consultation, call us at (201) 444-4499, or visit us at NJ-COSMETICSURGERY.COM. The Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center is located in Bergen County at 1200 E. Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood N.J. About Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center Founded by award-winning, board-certified ophthalmic facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Joel E. Kopelman, M.D., Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center with our adjacent state certified Ridgewood Ambulatory Surgery & Laser Center is a state-of-the-art cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery facility located in Parkview Plaza in Ridgewood, N.J. Dr. Joel E. Kopelman has been in practice for close to thirty years with extensive experience and artistic sensibility to deliver excellent results. He is specialized in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, face and body contouring in men and women. Prior to embarking on any treatment plan you will receive an unhurried evaluation where your questions and concerns will be completely addressed. It is helpful if you bring old frontal photographs to the consultation so that Dr. Joel E. Kopelman has a reference point to discuss your objectives. The goal should be to enhance your unique features while making you look like a younger more refreshed version of yourself. No matter what treatment you receive at the Kopelman Aesthetic Center you will be personally closely monitored by Dr. Joel E. Kopelman and his team from the beginning to the end. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. You can be confident that you will receive safe and compassionate care delivered in our state of the art facility. Please take a moment to explore the information below to get a better idea of the treatment options that the Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center offers.

  • Daily Analysis Of COMEX Market By EPIC RESEARCH 1st April 2014 NATURALGAS-NYMEX DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART TRADING STRATEGY : NATURALGAS-NYMEX has closed @ 4.365. If it breaks the level of 4.341, it can touch the level of 4.301 & 4.250 respectively. If it sustain above the of 4.488, it can touch the level of 4.529 & 4.583 respectively. SELL NATURALGAS-NYMEX BELOW 4.341 TGTS 4.301, 4.250 SL 4.396. BUY NATURALGAS-NYMEX ABOVE 4.488 TGTS 4.529, 4.583 SL 4.433. Epic Research is a leading financial advisory provider firm working in Indian and other global capital markets. It provides Stock Tips, Equity Tips, Stock Advisory Company , NSE Tips, NCDEX Tips through reliable research of the market. The research is based around these services: Stock market Tips Comex Gold Tips Call Option Put Option Tips

  • Counting On An Experienced Import-Export Processor For Effective Trading There are plenty of companies all over the globe that is known to manufacture different kinds of equipments and products. most of them tend to prefer spending some of their valuable time trying to produce their products, rather than worrying on the ways of how to handle every type of paperwork that is involved in export transaction. is known to have over 36 years of rich experience in the overall international import-export markets. They also offer processing service by which a LOC (Letter of Credit) is issued to this company, so that they can handle the necessary paperworks, including the other details that are involved to make sure that the entire transaction goes smoothly and timely. This company is said to take care of silica sand in Egypt & Africa exports projects of our customers in the best possible manner. It is through the continuous efforts and dedication that the company has reached success and a name for itself in the industry. By conducting appropriate R&D, production, design, quality assurance and supporting retrofit solutions, especially in middle east and all over the globe, this company claims itself to be the pioneer in regards to solution designing, implementing and providing rock phosphate Egypt & Africa materials. It is also considered that the legacy of the success of this company is not just limited to its excellent in conceiving various complicated and operational needs of the customers in different fields, however, also to perceive the needs of the future of such customers. It is only through a steady stream of constant and innovative efforts that the company is able to achieve immense customer satisfaction. Eventually, the organization is said to expand into diversified commodities like rice, sugar, cement, petroleum products and much more. It also has specialized into mining engineering and npk fertilizer in Egypt & Africa for the purpose of export. It is due to the immense experience availed in the import-export market in the last nine years that this company started to offer services as Export-Import Processor to different manufacturers and importers-exporters. The clients include product manufacturers that export their goods throughout the globe, of one which is rock phosphate in egypt & Africa. Also, the company is reported to expand its services and products and trying its very best to increase its base of satisfied customers. A spokesman of the company stated, “Our talented and highly qualified employees are in a position to handle every type of situations and all type of negotiations with the overseas sellers or buyers, if assistance is required in concluding a sale. It is to be understood that handling export transactions is actually not easy as it sounds, since there are several aspects to be taken into consideration like pricing, booking ocean freight and insurance that does require expert and experienced freight forwarders, etc.”

  • Genextstudents Offering Study Material Worth Rs 1599 For FREE To All The Students Taking a giant leap forward in the technology based education space in India, GenextStudents offers FREE Study Material for any class worth Rs. 1599/year absolutely FREE! This offer will be available for a limited time period for both the mobile as well as website users. This is in line with the company’s mission to spread education across masses. The study material includes ebooks, study notes, Q&A, sample papers, videos, game based testing modules, customized test generators, integrated notepads and chat with experts. GenextStudents is the leading mobile and internet based education services provider for K-12 segment (classes 1-12) in India. They are the pioneers of mobile learning for school students in India having a collection of top ranking education mobile apps on Android, Windows and iOS platform. Along with this, they also have a web portal GenextStudents offering education services to the students of various education boards in India. This includes CBSE and ICSE (English Medium) and the state boards of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (Hindi Medium). GenextStudents are the first ever in India to offer online and mobile learning for school students in Hindi language. The founder duo of GenextStudents – Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud – strongly believes that mobile is going to play a major role as an enabler of Education in coming years. According to Ali, “we have a very long term vision and want to spread education across masses”. Asad adds “we have already crossed 200,000 users in the first year of our operation are looking forward to scaling up very fast.” GenextStudents have already formed strategic partnerships with Samsung, Airtel and Vodafone to enhance their reach and are exploring various other avenues which can fuel their quick growth.

  • The Ups And Downs Of CPG Analytics Advanced CPG Analytics and massive data processing offer several benefits. This includes the evaluation of market trends and customer behavior to generate more profit. Nonetheless, experts consider this a limited evaluation. According to them this kind of definition only put forwards a single business aspect; that is the market-customer relationship. Since this is not sufficient to find a new market, merchants have to focus more developing brand awareness and loyalty. The fidelity of customers towards a brand is something that adds more value. In this sense, business data processed using CGP analytics should provide sufficient information about trends, behavior and consumer allegiance. Each client has to get sufficient attention. A company can only provide this by learning the market trend, flow and behavior of the consumer. Traditional marketing analysis techniques can never meet such speculations. Under such circumstances, companies can look for CPG analytics services. Bounce back of a customer from an online retail shop has a lot to say. Professional predictive analytic services can help companies address such issues based on real-time data. Sometimes, poor customer support or post-selling services can damage the reputation of a company. Such movements can only be traced with the help of a raw data. Companies generally face several marketing issues. They have to address the emerging questions such as the customer bounce back, enhancing the site usage and fixing vulnerable flaws. The only way left for a company to answer such question is to look for the help of CPG data processing agents. They use innovative predictive analytics means meticulously classifying consumers who may be at risk for abrasion. There are companies that can predict market trends and say how likely an endorser is to drip its service. Since such predictions were done some months before, the company takes further actions to prevent such mishaps. CPG data processing methods are also beneficial to extract and exploit engagement resources. For instance, if a company identifies a severe issue using CPG techniques, they can consult with the same agency to come up with possible solutions. That is, CPG analytics is not only a method to generate or process data, but also a mean to find ultimate solutions. To get the most out of an investment, the companies have to use proper tools to guide them to achieve goals. Business data processing is the foundation stone of any business. Competitive markets demand it more precisely to survive the waves. Finally, traditional processing methods have already been outdated, and the only way open is to use an innovate data processing solutions.

  • Sinclair & Rush, Inc., Acquires UK Based Manufacturer And Distributor Component Force Sinclair & Rush, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair & Rush, Inc. has successfully acquired Component Force Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of product protection solutions. Component Force is based near Rochester, Kent, UK, with a satellite location in St. Louis, MO, USA. The corporate headquarters of Sinclair & Rush, Inc. are located in St. Louis, MO, USA, with its UK operation located in Maidstone, Kent, UK. Component Force offers competitively priced products in relatively small quantities. Their product lines include a wide range of parts and components from protective caps and plugs to more custom products such as hand grips, hinges and hardware. Sinclair & Rush, Inc., a leading global manufacturer in the field of product protection, has over 60 years of manufacturing expertise including design engineering using state of the art software and equipment. A multi-process manufacturer, the Sinclair & Rush family of companies produce protective caps and plugs, innovative hand grips and a variety of styles of clear packaging. Sinclair & Rush serves a wide range of industries in both large and small quantity orders of stock and custom parts. “As part of Sinclair & Rush’s continuing expansion, we welcome Component Force into our family of companies. We believe that their wide-ranging offerings related to product protection and component needs will greatly enhance our product portfolio and ultimately the customer experience”, said Brad Philip, President and COO, Sinclair & Rush, Inc. “United by a common business culture, the new alliance combines the financial, global, technological and manufacturing strength of Sinclair & Rush with the procurement, sales and distribution prowess of Component Force”, added Philip. “First and foremost, I believe this acquisition benefits clients of both businesses because it expands the depth and breadth of our solutions and services, giving us even broader, leading-edge solutions for our clients,” said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sinclair & Rush. He continued, “We believe the synergy created by combining these two companies will bring tremendous value to our customers.” About Sinclair & Rush, Inc.: Sinclair & Rush, Inc., founded in 1950, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative clear packaging and product protection solutions to the world’s leading manufacturing companies. The company has distribution and manufacturing capabilities on a global scale with operations on four continents. S&R operates under the trade names of StockCap™, VisiPak™ and GripWorks™. Sinclair & Rush corporate offices are located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

  • Why It Is Suitable To Get Tools Form Rental Services?

    In today’s time there are lots of tools and equipments available in the market but it is not easy so suitable for the part of individuals to get all such tools. Moreover such tools are expensive and costly too. The best way you can get such tools is rental and these facilities are fraction of cost compared to the original investment. The rental equipment San Francisco brings for you some of the best solutions using which you can get all your necessary works fulfilled without busying the device. This is the best way you can save money and even carry out the work simply. In San Francisco too rental is good idea compared to buying a new one which requires more investment. Rental services give you more options The tools are costly and more often than not such tools are frequently sued so the best way you can get the purpose met is to rent. Moreover storing such tools require enough space and this can be quite hectic as well. Most of the tools are highly capable and need proper care to maintain as well as enough space to keep also. With rental service you can easily get the suitable tool for your purpose without spending much amount and even whenever you are in need of the tool. It saves your money and also avoids the worry of keeping it. Get all the proper tools Moreover the advantage of renal tool services are that you get the most appropriate tool for your purpose and you can utilize it quiet effectively and carry out the respective work efficiently enough. No mater you are using it or hiring some technicians with the right tool you can get over the problem quiet easily and even fast as well. So this is one of the most important advantages that comes along with the rental equipment San Francisco. With such services you can save quality time and also money rather going for investing on the tool and then end up storing it in your store room. Tools are not necessary all the time but once you feel the need those can turn it on for you.

  • Get Official Documents Or Visa Processed By Local Experts Of Legal House In Dubai In A Seamless Way There is no denying that processing of business documents, Visa applications, passports and certificates attestation and others need considerable expenses of time and money. Besides this one must be well aware of all the legal and official procedures or formalities needed to get these important documents approved by the concerned authority in Dubai. Hence it is always in the best interests of a person in Dubai get these documents processed by expert local agents who is well versed with the nitty-gritty of documents processing. Legal House is a leading documents processing centre in Dubai that offers seamless processing of a wide range of documents. The expert and committed folks of Legal House offers processing of Visa Applications, getting commercial, professional or industrial licenses from Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai, Embassy services, consulate services, getting expert translation services of educational documents and other business papers. Legal House thus saves one’s precious time and money and get the documents processed in a prompt and seamless way that helps one realise one’s goals in Dubai. Whether you need to file for gaining commercial licenses for desired trade activity or you want industrial license from DED, the expert local agent will make the task easy and hassle-free for you. Likewise you can easily get Labour & Immigration related visa applications processed by experts of Legal House which will enable you get expatriate employees for your company. If you want to get Educational Certificates, Deeds, MoUs, Agreements, Complaints, Quotations translated in your desired or official language then you can easily contact the experts of Legal House for the same. Thus Legal House based in Dubai offers a wide range of document processing services and is committed to offer impeccable quality customer services in a time bound and hassle-free way. You will thus get free from any legal hassles or complications that may arise on your violating any legal rule or regulation in getting the licenses or NOC certificate for Employment visa or others. Legal House has emerged as a one stop destination for getting official documents, government documents and educational documents processing in Dubai in a prompt and hassle-free way. What makes Legal House stand apart from others is its unflinching commitment to provide superb quality customer services related to a wide range of documents processing services to its clients in a cost effective and seamless way. So whether you want Dubai driving license validation letter from RTA or you want to get immigration visa of your Indian maid approved by the embassy, the expert agents of Legal House will help you get free from all hassles. Hence make it a point to get in touch with the expert consultants of Legal House in Dubai for any of your document processing service and save your precious time and money. If you desire to setup a branch or a new establishment in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. Legal House will help you get the right consultation on the options available under freezones, on shore or offshore. Get the cost effective solutions valuing time and money from Legal House experts.

  • GEEO Announces Summer Travel Opportunities To Costa Rica Planning a trip often requires negotiating a long list of choices. Secluded mountains sound refreshing and peaceful, while tropical beaches offer glamorous relaxation. The invigorating rhythm of a fast-paced city promises excitement and relentless fun, while an exotic rainforest begs for adventure. Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is thrilled to offer teachers all of these choices and more with summer travel to Costa Rica. This remarkable experience balances modern urban interest with secluded natural wonders for a true Costa Rican voyage. Bask in the tropical sun on Puerto Viejo de Talamanca’s beaches, and hike in Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. Tour a Planeterra- and MIF-supported coffee cooperative, and explore the Santa Elena Butt Forest Reserve. Discover a rainforest, swim in an unspoiled river, and drink in the old world charm of a hacienda at night. Specializing in designing travel opportunities for teachers GEEO strives to make every trip affordable, using simple accommodations and transportation. The non-profit organization provides a structured itinerary of activities, eliminating the stress of trip planning. Teachers enjoy traveling with other members of their profession, and GEEO builds in free time to allow participants space for discovery. Along with offering discounted teacher travel GEEO devotes a section of its website to funding opportunities, including resources for travel grants and continuing education credits. By making travel inexpensive yet inspiring, structured yet stress-free, GEEO makes travel possible for every teacher. About Us: Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is a non-profit organization based in Ardmore, Pennsylvania specializing in discount travel opportunities for teachers. GEEO uses simple accommodations and transportation to make its uniquely designed international trips affordable for any teacher and any budget.

  • Weekly COMEX Trading News By Epicresearch 31 March To 5 April 2014

    GOLD-COMEX DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART TRADING STRATEGY : GOLD-COMEX has closed @ 1294.61. If it breaks the level of 1290, it can touch the level of 1273 & 1257 respectively. If it sustain above the level of 1311, it can touch the level of 1326 & 1345 respectively. SELL GOLD-COMEX BELOW 1290 TGTS 1273, 1257 SL 1311. BUY GOLD-COMEX ABOVE 1311 TGTS 1326, 1345 SL 1290. SILVER-COMEX DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART TRADING STRATEGY : SILVER-COMEX has closed @ 19.80. If it breaks the level of 19.66, it can touch the level of 19.46 & 19.26 respectively. If it sustain above the level of 20.07, it can touch the level of 20.27 & 20.47 respectively. SELL SILVER-COMEX BELOW 19.66 TGTS 19.46, 19.26 SL 20.06. BUY SILVER-COMEX ABOVE 20.07 TGTS 20.27, 20.47 SL 20.47. BRENTCRUDEOIL-NYMEX DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART TRADING STRATEGY : BRENTCRUDEOIL-NYMEX has closed @ 108.00. If it sustain above the level of 108.10, it can touch the level of 108.78 & 109.55 respectively. If it breaks the level of 106.93, it can touch the level of 106.30 & 105.55 respectively. BUY BRENTCRUDEOIL-NYMEX ABOVE 108.10 TGTS 108.78, 109.55 SL 107.30. SELL BRENTCRUDEOIL-NYMEX BELOW 106.93 TGTS 106.30, 105.55 SL 107.63. COPPER-COMEX DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART TRADING STRATEGY : COPPER-COMEX has closed @ 3.0360. If it sustain above the level of 3.0400, it can touch the level of 3.0612 & 3.0851 respectively. If it breaks the level of 2.9841, it can touch the level of 2.9650 & 2.9405 respectively. BUY COPPER-COMEX ABOVE 3.0400 TGTS 3.0612, 3.0851 SL 3.0151. SELL COPPER-COMEX BELOW 2.9841 TGTS 2.9650, 2.9405 SL 3.0091. Epic Research is a leading financial advisory provider firm working in Indian and other global capital markets. It provides Stock Tips, Equity Tips, Stock Advisory Company , NSE Tips, NCDEX Tips through reliable research of the market. The research is based around these services: Stock market Tips Comex Gold Tips Call Option Put Option Tips

  • Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers The walking dead season 4 spoilers are out and the viewers can expect some new surprises. This will be an action packed season and all the hiatus surrounding the series has come to an end with the release of these spoilers. Carl is expected to be in the focus this season and Chandler Riggs can be seen in a younger and newer avatar. In the last series prison group had fled the lock up and now they will be seen searching for safety. The midseason premiere of Walking Dead season 4 has been named “After” and would be showing how Carl would come of age. One can expect some interesting episodes this season but the main spotlight would always be on Carl and Rick. The news surrounding this series provides interesting information to the fans of Walking Dead. One expects a good response to the walking dead season 4 spoilers as there are many hidden truths that would interest the viewers. There are also some reports that Carl could die in this season and one could expect to get access to the secrets through the spoilers. The survivors have struggled with their past in the previous seasons and these feelings could continue in this season too. Michonne might be dealing from mysterious problems and this season shows that she has children before the zombie apocalypse occurred. Danai Gurira who plays Michonne has even confirmed this interesting information and the showrunners have also backed this. All the inmates and people in the group will be seen trying to move on and fight their past. They would be facing some difficult missions and life threatening problems. The group of Bob, Daryl, Michonne and Tyrese continue to fight the dangerous illness that would be attacking the prison. The deal with the supply of dangerous medical supplies and the request of some group members could spring up enlightening missions. Fans who have been following Walking Dead regularly already know Michonne has been a divorced mother of children and both her children died in a break out. The guy whom Michonne dated before Armageddon had become a zombie. The fans would love this season because every single moment brings out some interesting revelations. The events occurring are due to some reason and each character seems to have a new beginning. The walking dead season 4 spoilers show that there are many moments that come up direct from the comic books and the makers don’t seem to provide any loose ends in this series. Walking dead has received great response in the previous seasons and one expects this to get better in season 4. The walking dead season 4 spoilers have come out recently and every fan must watch this to know more about their favourite characters. The missions promise to keep the viewers glued to the TV and the fans cannot afford to miss the spoilers.

  • American Newspaper Publishes Guide For Travellers Renting Villas In Amalfi, Italy Prominent American periodical Huffington Post has recently published an online feature offering travellers renting villas in Amalfi advice ranging from the best places to see to essential items to pack and even the best souvenirs to buy. A valuable resource The main appeal of the list in question to guests planning to book a stay in one of the many short-let villas in Amalfi will be its thoroughness. Aside from offering advice on a diverse array of travel-related topics, the piece makes sure to go in-depth, combining the most popular sightseeing attractions in the area with lesser-known, but no less attractive spots, offering something for every type of traveller. In terms of must-see attractions in the Amalfi area, the Huffington Post’s list singles out the gardens at Villa Cimbrone, in Ravello, which are known for their beauty; Villa San Michele, in Capri, which perfectly combines architectural, artistic, and aesthetic appeal with some stunning views; and of course the area’s main sightseeing spot, St Andrew’s Cathedral, which entices visitors with its mixed architectural styles, haunting crypts and imposing staircase. For travellers who dislike the typical tourism crowds and activities, however, the main appeal of this feature will be the section in which the writer details a few lesser-known, mostly natural spots around Amalfi. The nature walk down to Ieranto Bay, past abandoned quarries and watchtowers and along olive groves, is included in this section, as are the natural coves at Punta Campanella and the paddleboat rides in Nerano – all alternatives to the usually crowded Amalfi Coast, which will delight more naturally-inclined renters of villas in Amalfi. Aside from offering suggestions on places to go, this thorough feature also advises on the best souvenirs to seek out (olive oil and flip-flops) and on which items to prioritise when packing for the trip – a list which ranges from sunglasses to scarves, jewellery, light clothing and a beach-read novel. The Huffington Post’s mini-guide to travelling Amalfi is complete with a couple of suggestions of places in which to have a traditional, yet still high-standard meal.

  • Student Resource USA Announces New Student Scholarships For Working Professionals The recently announced Oscar nominations aren’t the only thing causing a buzz lately. Student Resource USA caused their own buzz with the announcement that they now have more student online scholarships than ever available for working professionals. Student Resource USA is a 100% free resource that connects teachers and other working professionals with scholarships and grants. Their organization receives exclusive offers from regionally accredited universities that are not available to the general public. Specialists from Student Resource USA award more than $500,000 in grants and student scholarships each and every month. From a $4,500 Masters of Arts in Education scholarship to federal Teach Grants and online education grants to a $3,000 Masters of Business Administration scholarship, SRUSA can find the right resources for any dedicated teacher or working professional with the desire to increase their knowledge and their earning power. They are excited about the newest additions to their scholarship and grant pool. About Student Resources USA: Student Resource USA (SRUSA) is today’s 100% FREE resource for all working professionals looking to attain their personal and career goals. In order to accomplish this mission, SRUSA helps working professionals to locate undergraduate and graduate online degree programs that will support their educational, professional, and personal goals. They also help working professionals locate many grants and university scholarships. Finally, SRUSA teaches business professionals how to integrate all of these resources to develop a career development strategy. SRUSA partners with several regionally accredited universities to offer undergrad and graduate programs in education, business, and many other professional areas.

  • Providence Place Announces The 6th Annual Drive One Home Charity Golf Tournament Providence Place, an adoption agency and campus for you adults with disabilities, announces their 6th Annual Drive One Home Charity Golf Tournament to be held on April 2nd in San Antonio, Texas. Started in 2007, the tournament was established as a way for two adoptive fathers to continue supporting Providence Place. Now, 7 years later, the tournament is both a charity fundraiser and an exciting event for individuals and businesses in the community. The proceeds from this golf tournament go towards two of Providence Place’s signature programs: Action Adoption and the Center for Higher Independence. Action Adoption works to place children in loving homes and help start new families. The program also works with pregnant women who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and need support and guidance. The Center for Higher Independence helps young adults with disabilities learn vocational and life skills after high school, helping them find the right path for their future. Besides golf, the charity event will feature lunch, live entertainment by Emory Quinn, dinner, and a silent auction. The tournament will be a family event held at the Hyatt Hill Country Golf Course with many hotel activities for all ages. About Providence Place: Providence Place of San Antonio, Texas is a nonprofit organization offering domestic, international, older child and embryo adoption services, vocational training for adults with disabilities and working with other nonprofit organizations in the San Antonio area. To learn more about the work they do or to schedule a tour of their 25-acre campus, visit their website or contact them today.

  • Plan Early To Attend The Rome Carnevale (Italy) 2014 This year’s much-awaited Rome Carnevale falls on March 4, but tourists visiting the city and arriving on their Fiumicino airport transfers can actually start enjoying the ‘pre-Carnevale’ minor celebrations and preparations right now. In fact, to get the most out of the major event, would-be revellers should touch down on the city at least three weeks before the actual day of the Carnevale. Come early to enjoy the entire event Definitely one of Italy’s biggest, most important festivals, the Carnevale is celebrated throughout the country 40 days before Easter, with a final party before Ash Wednesday and Lent. However, even the weeks leading to the day of the Carnevale are marked with all sorts of parties and thrilling activities—trust the Romans to really know how to properly celebrate! Even in ancient Rome, citizens devoted 150 days a year to their precious R&R. Tourists arriving on the Fiumicino airport transfers can expect an exciting array of activities, from masquerade balls, to street entertainment at the various piazzas, to concerts and parties. Also, visitors can expect to be at the receiving end of a prank—these are common during the Carnevale, whose related saying is actually, ‘Anything goes at carnival’. To fully immerse oneself in the parties, one should never forget to bring a mask—they can be bought almost everywhere in the city during the weeks leading up to the festivities. Most travel agents strongly suggest to those who are planning to take part in the Carnevale celebrations to make reservations at least a year ahead, to avoid the hassle of trying to find good accommodations in a city brimming with high-season visitors. It’s best to book the Fiumicino airport transfers too, to ensure seamless travel arrangements.

  • Be Dazzled At The Bouglione Winter Circus, Paris As one of the most anticipated performances in the city – and certainly among those that attract visitors to France’s capital travelling from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris – the Bouglione Winter Circus is a truly jaw-dropping, enchanting and unforgettable series of performances that will wow even the most jaded audience. The circus comes to town Anyone who is planning to visit Paris with the family should definitely include a performance from the winter circus on their itinerary. Performances of the Bouglione Winter Circus are ongoing twice a day: from Monday to Saturdays from 14:00 to 16:20 and from 17:15 to 19:35, and on Sundays from 10:45 to 13:05 and from 14:00 to 16:20. They take place at the famous Cirque d’Hiver, along Rue Amelot. The shows are scheduled to conclude on Sunday, March 2, so those who have yet to see it should book their shuttle from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris and hop to it! The Bouglione Winter Circus is a remarkable event, due in part to its historical significance. For one, their regular venue—the Cirque d’Hiver—is the oldest circus building in the world. It still fully services the needs of an active circus troupe and first opened its doors more than a hundred and fifty years ago, in 1852. Its location at the very heart of Paris, right between the Place de la Republique and the Place de la Bastille, gives locals and visitors easy access to its shows. In fact, the Cirque d’Hiver is among the most noticeable structures as one walks along the Boulevards. Moreover, tourists who make the trip from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris can also expect to enjoy several other attractions in the city—from the art museums, to palaces and historical structures.

  • Survivor Of Slavery Releases Powerful New Book Called DELIGHT Isis reveals her own miraculous story of overcoming all odds, while sharing with you insights from the world’s most famous mystics, teachers and sacred texts that reveal to us the secrets behind DELIGHT. She shares with her readers how you can use this power to change your life explains why she believes DELIGHT is the most powerful force in the Universe. Spending nearly six months in captivity, Isis lived in a cramped crawl space behind a closet being drugged, raped, sold for sex, and tortured. She had several near-death experiences, leaving her body for long periods of time. Isis miraculously escaped and began a prolonged healing journey, battling with chronic pain, illness, brain damage and memory loss. After struggling for years, Isis made a decision to take her own life late one night to spare her family from further pain. What follows is a miraculous epiphany that forever changes her life. DELIGHT takes the readers into their own journey of self-discovery as Isis teaches them how to use the power of DELIGHT to change every area of life. Infused with insights from a variety of sacred texts, quotes from authors and insights from history’s greatest philosophers and sages, DELIGHT proves that it has the power to transform our world. Terri G, a recent reader and student says, “Although words cannot ever begin convey my gratitude, devotion and love for Isis as my spiritual teacher, I still just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I know I will be following your wisdom for the rest of my life. Thank you for bringing me the gift of DELIGHT. Your book and your teachings are changing the world for the better.” Another reader, Sandeep J., “After reading DELIGHT, I have come to realize the magic of the Universe as it exists here and now! There are no words to describe how much more connected I feel. If you are seeking the answer to completely change your life, you have just found it in Isis & DELIGHT! Open up and feel the bliss!” Her passion for this universal spiritual philosophy coupled with her deep compassion and unconditional love for her reader is felt throughout the book. This year let Isis take you on a beautiful journey of spiritual enlightenment as she shows you the stairway into heaven itself. “Interspersed with quotes from philosophers, famous authors, sacred texts and poets, along with Isis’ unique insights and contemplations, DELIGHT has become one of the most sought-after books of its kind.” ~ Book Reviewer “This is The Power of NOW for a new generation of spiritual seekers. DELIGHT is an enlightening journey of self-discovery and a true delight to read.” ~ Book Reviewer Isis dedicates a significant portion of every sale of her book DELIGHT to funding nonprofit organizations working to liberate children sold into slavery. About Isis & DELIGHT: Isis is a teacher and writer not affiliated with any particular spiritual philosophy. She teaches on universal spiritual principles that empowers people to transform their lives from within. DELIGHT: An Enlightened Path to Transforming Your Life, Spontaneously is an enlightening journey of self-discovery by ISIS, a spiritual teacher and mystic.

  • From Stone To Flesh And Unified Field Theory The recently published “Unified Field Theory” (UFT) presents the main theory from the book The Alpha Torque. Based on UFT, in “Unified Field Theory and the Hierarchical Universe”, one of the interesting conclusions of the paper is that the universe is a small Grid in the vacuum of an upper universe hierarchy. Literally, “From stone to flesh” is real and it takes three steps: finding vacuum (space) in a stone; finding universe in the vacuum; finding flesh in the universe. UFT solved a physics issue, but most importantly, it provides a base for humans to have a purpose in life; it is the base for philosophy, and it alleviates human depravity. In universe hierarchy, the size of parent universe and child universe has a fixed ratio N (2.1788*1060). The parent universe and child universe are similar. Everything exist in the universe can be found in the parent universe as well as the child universe. The universe has a simple infinite hierarchical structure. A ten micrometer dust size space verses small universes is similar to the visible universe verses ten micrometer dust. In hierarchical universe, human beings are profoundly connected with everything in the universe. Humans travel at a speed of approximately 600 km/s relative to small universes. Human is literally floating around, as movement is the way everything exists. Human is in the tree of an infinite hierarchical universe. The distortion of countless small universes is manifested as galaxies, stars and human beings. The matters are flowing through lively universes, like cloud in the sky. Even though mankind is small, it is precious. The world is full of injustices, wars, sufferings and oppressions. Human’s hearts are poisoned by false claims under the names of righteousness. As the ultimate theory of physics, UFT helps he/she sees beyond the universe. One of human’s important purposes is to understand how the whole universe works, so that universe can achieve her best potential, and human can come out of darkness and leave human depravity behind. Mankind can dress up the world with the beautiful 800-mile man made river in China, walk along the trail of Grand Canyon and appreciate grand universe. The longest river has a beginning and end; the highest mountain has a top; the universe is infinite and must be admired in light of UFT. Modern philosophies may be logical clarification of thoughts, fundamental reasons and principles of everything, or other disciplines. UFT has basic principles for physics, such as inseparable space-time-energy, resonance creates matters and dissonance annihilates matters, the ultimate resonance is resonance to the size of small universe (the Torque Grid), movements are the way energy and matter exists, etc. UFT provides fundamental reasons and principles of everything, the analytical formulation and calculation of a philosophical claim. As the base of philosophies, UFT can help man/woman understand “Ways of the world”. Man/woman will not focus on little thing and will not angry when he/she is misunderstood or not respected, as proper behavior resonance with the world and will be encouraged, while bad behaviors clash with the world and will not last. To resonate with the world, he/she should ride with tide of history and start to serve the people he/she does not know, set his/her goals to serve common goals of mankind. A man(woman) will be full of joy even when he/she is experiencing hardship as what he/she deeds are rewarded. Wisdom, calmness, swiftness and preciseness of the nature are always part of human. The confidents are growing as the greatness and the perfection are in him/her. He/she will move along at right pace, right direction, not wasteful, not stingy. Confucius said, “At seventy years old, I can do whatever I wish to do without off the track.” If he/she understands the meaning of UFT, he/she will be wiser than an experienced seventy-year old man who does not. The theory of everything is the end result of forty year of research, but it can be the beginning of the new era. What UFT means for science? It is theory of theories (ToE) and the foundation of physics. It literally deducts the main physics laws, from classical Newton’s laws, to modern physics equations. A seed of fig tree if for a tree; a seed of weed is for weed; the seed of science, UFT from the book “The Alpha Torque”, is for the future science. “From stone to flesh”, from physics to philosophy, from fundamental to complex logical issues, his/her true understanding of UFT will make him/her wise and lead him/her to optimal life.

  • Marko Stout Premiers Film At Art Basel Show In Miami The short art film (MicroCinema event) “Thinner Then Ice” is by the famed New York City artist Marko Stout, debuted with extensive critic acclamation at the Art Basel show in South Beach Miami 2013, a favorite winter meeting place for the international art world. Art Basel is the world’s premier international art show for modern and contemporary works. “Thinner Then Ice” is a video project which creates an ambiguous dream-like, other-worldly atmosphere full of symbolic Jungian archetypes. The film features Andrina Nowak, a disheartened Greenwich Village waitress and art student. Andrina inquisitorially gazes out on a rainy street as an eccentric group of city residents walk pass on the adjacent gloomy wet sidewalk. The odd real- life Fellinian characters include a bizarre street clown, a man walking a goat, an irrational Romanian, an Elmo Muppet-like suited gentleman and brief cameo appearance by the artist-director himself (Marko Stout). Marko’s “Thinner Then Ice” is a bizarrely impressionistic, serious artistic work of unconventional and highly symbolic content offering the viewer a weird examination of our reality-show, celebrity obsessed, Warholian fifteen-minute fame infatuated culture. Marko Stout is one of the most popular artists in New York City, his works can be viewed at numerous international exhibitions, galleries of fine art, private collections. Marko Stout solo galleries are located in NYC, Chicago, SOBE, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Madrid. In 2012 The New York Times listed the Marko Stout Gallery as one of the top 10 ”must see” galleries in Chelsea. Marko Stout is a best known for his stimulating narratives of contemporary urban society. Additional critically acclaimed highlights of the 2013 Art Basel show included: Thomas Houseago’s primitive and lumpy sculpture “Striding Figure (Rome I)”, Sabine Lidl’s documentary of the famed New York photographer Nan Goldin (“Nan Goldin—I Remember Your Face”) , an exhibition the pop art featuring James Rosenquist’s “Highway of Trust” and a Tracey Emin Retrospective. The “Untiled Work” by the Whitney’s Biennial curator Michelle Grabner showcased her trademark style minimalism to an exuberant reception at the Basal show, as did the art film “Tango at the Edge of the Fair” which showcased at Frank Gehry’s New World Center. Art Basel provides a platform for galleries, giving them access to an international audience of collectors, museum directors and curators. The shows attract people with an appreciation of modern and contemporary art who experience Art Basel as a cultural event. Art Basel was founded in 1970 by Basel art dealers Trudi Bruckner, Balz Hilt and Ernst Beyeler. Art Basel stages art shows for contemporary works annually in Basel, South Beach Miami and Hong Kong. Art Basel in Miami Beach is an art show in the Americas and the winter meeting place for the international art world. This year it was estimated that over 75,000 international collectors, artists, dealers, curators, critics and art enthusiasts, along with 150 museum and institutional groups from across the globe participated in the show. Next year’s Art Basel Miami Beach show is scheduled to run 12/4/14 thru 12/07/14. Complete show details and attendance information can be found the official Art Basal website at: About Us: Marko Stout is a popular multimedia artist based out of New York City, best known for his stimulating narratives of contemporary urban society, where subjects often appear in a moderate state of distress, overwhelmed by their modern high-tech uber-paced environment, while still maintaining a chic detached sexy demeanor of a sophisticated twenty-first century city dweller. Marko Stout’s works can be viewed at numerous international exhibitions, galleries of fine art, private collections. Marko Stout solo galleries are located in NYC, Chicago, SOBE, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Madrid.

  • Croatian Sensation Marina Godanj Sings To Whitney Houston Tribute With her soulful singing, the versatile Marina Godanj enjoys a great fan following on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc social networks. She recently paid tribute to Whitney Houston with her I Will Always Love You cover, which again brings her the fame, fortune and flashbulbs that she deserves. This Whitney Houston Tribute has currently around one million views on YouTube and it is ruling the popularity chart on other networks too. Marina’s heart touching voice and her superior singing ability have made this song very popular among the music lovers and it has added to her fan followings. Marina finds Whitney Houston very close to her heart and this is the reason why she decided to dedicate this song to her. The idea is to provide her audience an access to free and the type of music they love and enjoy. She has always been phenomenal in bringing an extra-ordinary piece of singing that could enthrall the audience. Her Adele Someone like you cover released just a few months back won rave reviews and is a popular music video to enjoy on YouTube. Marina has showcased some exceptional singing talent in this song which establishes her as a new music sensation of the modern era. When asked what made her to sing in commendation of Whitney Houston, she replies overwhelmingly, “Whitney and her singing have always been a source of inspiration for me. She left us and the whole music community can never forget her contributions to the music world. It’s my small bit to pay her a tribute and remember her music.” Marina’s song for Whitney Houston has been greatly recognized by the music lovers, critics and others as a piece of music that endeavors to relive Whitney’s singing. Whitney was an adorable singer and actor and her unfortunate death has shocked the whole world. Now, Marina’s tribute song is the way for millions to remember Whitney and her singing. Many music enthusiasts feel that Marina Godanj Vevo has done a great job by singing I Will Always Love You cover in remembrance of Whitney Houston. Her other songs are also rising on the popularity charts and a large number of viewers are accessing her songs on YouTube on a daily basis.

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