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Mixing Suits

This week we look at getting more use out of your suits.

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When starting to build a wardrobe you want to get as much mileage out of your suits as possible. Mixing the jacket and pants of some suits with others gives a whole new life to the pieces. For this look, I was headed to dinner with some friends on a Thursday evening and wanted to remain in a more buttoned-up look, while not coming off to stuffy. For this outfit, I simply removed the navy suit jacket, threw in the more causal tan blazer and I was good to go. After dinner, we headed to a billiards hall where I lost the tie, and the look still came off as well put together without too much of a pretentious air.

As a general rule, you want to pair contrasting pieces when it comes to mixing suits. Here I have paired a tan jacket with some navy trousers. Think light and dark as a quick guide to how to do this. Another solid option for doing this might be navy and grey. This would take two suits and turn them into four looks when mixed.

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