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Journ3050: Weekly Blog Reads Week 1

This week I read the blogs of "", "", and "" and here are my thoughts.

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"He Spoke Style"

A really solid blog over all I really loved his use of beautiful images. I think the strength of his blog over all is Brian's (the main blogger) strength with story telling. I read his latest cigar review "La Aroma de Cuba" and as an avid cigar smoker I felt I knew really everything about the cigar. He knew the history of the company and was very vivid in his description of the taste of the cigar. He also incorporated fantastic images that greatly aided the description of the cigar and his review. In his second post I read "Aviator Sunglasses Have Quite The History" his ability to research a topic was clear again. He went in-depth with the history of the style of sunglasses and really feel like I learned something about the style of sunglasses. Another notable strength as it is a fashion blog his sense of style is phenomenal and gave me several ideas on how to improve my own wardrobe. Weaknesses were hard to find, but if anything I would say that as I know he is a full-time blogger I would say there should be fresh content up on the website everyday and when I was reading it nothing had been posted for three days.

"The College Prepster"

I love how Carly (the main blogger) has laid out her website. On the homepage, I can see on the left-hand side a short bio, and top left I can see all the icons that will link you to her various social media platforms. In reading the first blog I love how she started with a short life update on how well things were going for her and where she was traveling that day. It made me as a reader feel involved. Moving on through the post she wrote about the top five things on her radar ranging from fashion to food which I found to be interesting even though her audience was clearly women and not a college age guy. Moving on to her second most recent post titled "Photography Basics with Carter". The blogpost was written by her staff photographer Carter Fish who offered several helpful tips on what to do when starting out with photography. Things from lenses to buy, to tips on how to create your own style were included and really insightful. A couple of weaknesses over all for the blog would be lack of diversity. Though the main audience is women it might have been fun to have a couple of posts directed towards guys. Other than that she had a strong overall blog, the design was clean and it was very easy to navigate.

"The Scott Effect"

For my last pick I read through the blog of Blake Scott a somewhat famous blogger with a following on Instagram of almost half a million followers. His website again is fairly minimalistic and straight forward. Reading his most recent post "The Knick, NYC" he talked about his stay at the hotel in NYC. While he vividly described the dinner he had at their restaurant and the location a big weakness of the post was he did not describe much if anything about the room, and there were no images of the inside of the hotel. As someone who travels to NYC seeing images of the room and even lobby could have been influential but he did not sell the hotel which was supposed to be the main product of the post. His next post "Denim Days' was far more to the point and helpful than the previous post mentioned. Blake Scott gave some great tips on how to dress up your denim and it included some really great images.

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