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    5 Simple Things The Media Gets Wrong About The "Neuroscience Of Love"

    Scientists study love and emotion to better-understand how our brain works. But despite what the media tells you in annual "Neuroscience of Love" trend stories, we still don't get it. Happy Valentine's Day! (thumbnail from Flickr)

    1. There is a region of the brain responsible for love.

    2. Love is a unique state of mind.

    The truth of the matter here is: We don't know. Several studies have found reward circuits, motivational drive and other goal-oriented states as converging to give us what we call love. So a sum total of other circuits. In fact, as one study describes it, love may be best characterized as a motivational state that triggers or modulates other emotional states (giddiness, anxiety, anger.) But again, let's play it safe: we don't know.

    3. Dopamine is a pleasure chemical!!!!

    4. Oxytocin is the "hug hormone."

    As Ed Yong so elegantly put it in this piece, the hype about oxytocin is dumb and dangerous. Science and biology are neither neat nor tidy. Although bonding behaviors have been shown to involve oxytocin, this molecule also plays significant roles in boosting the very non-huggy states of envy, schadenfreude and group favoritism. Can't we all just agree that oxytocin biology is more complicated than TED talks tell us??

    5. We <3 our iPhones!!