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BuzzFeed Utopian Personality Quiz

Noah, Daniel, Anshul

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  1. In order to succeed in a utopian society what would you be willing to do?

    You must have a day of rest ( meditation) e.g. no electricty no reading no singing just resting.
    You must give up art and independent thought
    You must give up real and unfabricated nature
    You must give up easy access to the outside world
    You must give up alcohol and a life free of manual labor
    You must give up intense Emotions
  2. What defines a utopia to you?

    Connection with Nature and self sustainability
    Lack of conflict and organized factory society
    Futuristic technology
    Agriculture community
    Everyone is happy
  3. How should you're perfect utopia deal with outsiders?

    Welcome them and show them around
    Welcome them but make sure they follow your rules
    Willing to work with them
    Acknowledge them, but no interaction with them
    Complete isolation
    Welcoming but little interaction.
  4. If u saw trash lying in the street, what would be your initial reaction?

    I cannot allow waste to get out and contaminate nature
    Add to waste receptacle
    Not a big deal
    Strict harsh punishment for not picking it up
    It is someone in a lower caste's job to pick it up
    It's my responsibility to pick it up
  5. Would a utopian society strictly regulate its citizens’ daily activities, moderately regulate them, or not regulate them at all?

    Not particularly strictly, as long as you follow the rules
    Not at all
    Only through strong social conventions
    Yes, but through religious texts
    Very strict regulation
    Through laws made by a semi-democratic government
  6. Many historians believe that adopting agriculture was humanity's greatest mistake. To what extent do you agree with these historians?

    Small-scale agriculture is important, but the development of large cities was a mistake.
    Society has progressed so far; it is not a mistake
    Without agriculture there would be no technology, so it is not a mistake
    Agriculture has lead to mass deforestation; it is an obvious mistake
    Their are both pros and cons to adopting agriculture
    Agriculture was not a mistake, but it did not have as large as an impact as the industrial revolution did.
  7. When waiting on an amazon delivery, how long are you willing to wait to receive your package?

    Immediately, within hours
    It must be very quick, within a day
    When it comes it comes
    It must come the day it is predicted to come; no earlier or later
    I could wait a pretty long time, I'm patient.
    I could wait forever as long as it will arrive.
  8. Recreations you most enjoy?

    Recreational drugs or alchohol
    Building and climbing in trees
    Video Games/programming
    Doing volunteer work
    No real hobbies
    Religious studies

BuzzFeed Utopian Personality Quiz

You got: Brave New World

Brave New World is a society where there is no conflict. The society has very strong social norms that are considered reversed to our current society in the United States. Every member of the society is happy., However, they use a drug called Soma to force this happiness upon themselves even if they should be sad. Some might consider this to be fake happiness, but you're brain cannot tell the difference. If you don't like to be sad and are frustrated with the modern norms this might be the perfect utopia for you. To read more about the other options go to

Brave New World
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You got: Kibbutz

Kibbutzim might be the perfect example of communism succeeding in the wild. Members share everything including food, clothes, and tools. Kibbutzim are a very agricultural based society producing almost all of its own food. They have very strong religious ties to judaism and are very strict about most of its rules most importantly the sabbath which acts as a pseudo meditation day.. Despite israel modernizing Kibbutzim continue to thrive with over three hundred prospering communities for you to join. To read more about the other options go to

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You got: The Giver

The Giver, by Lois Lowry, depicts a rigidly controlled, futuristic utopian society. Conflict is avoided at all costs by banning anything that might cause it, including love, sex, unusual physical characteristics, and even color. Homogeneity is valued extremely highly, and even something as simple as light-colored eyes could get a baby “released” from the community. For people who want to fit into a community without the competitive need to stand out to be successful, the society in The Giver is perfect. One will never need to worry about food, finding work, or starting a family. This is all taken care of by the Elders, which allows one to enjoy a simple life involving some work, but no suffering or boredom. To read more about the other options go to

The Giver
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You got: Auroville

Auroville, a small community in south India between Pondicherry and Chennai, was founded in 1968 as an experimental utopia. It is extremely inclusive, and its approximately 2500 residents come from 49 different countries around the globe. Besides a few required chores, such as cooking once in a while for the community, the residents of Auroville work on collaborative projects to keep busy. These projects range from reforestation, research in organic farming, and advocating for women’s rights in local villages, to simply building a house for oneself, or running a family restaurant. Overall, life in Auroville differs greatly from person to person, so if you are looking for a peaceful, welcoming community where you are largely independent and can choose your own schedule each day without having to worry about going to work or making money, then Auroville is an ideal place for you. To read more about the other options go to

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You got: Finca Bellavista

Finca Bellavista is a treehouse Utopia in the Rainforest of Costa Rica. The houses are connected by ziplines and bridges allowing for easy access around the 600 acre community. Finca Bellavista is self sufficient and has an untraceable carbon footprint. Their electricity comes from solar power and most of their food is grown in a community greenhouse. Two white water rivers provide all necessary water needs as well as hydro power. Finca Bellavista citizens even own “biodigesters” that turn biowaste into heat and energy, effectively eliminating waste going into landfills or the forest itself. Finca Bellavista’s denizens interact regularly with fantastic wildlife found in the Costa Rican Rainforest. They are a model community for the world, showing others a method by which we can preserve the beauty of nature. To read more about the other options go to

Finca Bellavista
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You got: Songdo

Songdo is a high tech South Korean city built from scratch starting with 500 million tons of sand. Songdo incorporates sensors that allow denizens to track temperature, buses, trains, and traffic congestion. High speed internet is offered on the trains and on the streets. Songdo’s televisions allow for instant video chat across the city and even allow for residents to take classes with instructors. Songdo’s technology was not only limited to a digital scope however. Songdo was built to be an LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) example to the world that cities with little carbon footprint are possible. Many of Songdo’s buildings are even outfitted with trash receptacles connected to an underground disposal system that will sort trash and recyclables. The beautiful city of Songdo was built with canals like Vienna, a grand central park like New York, and a massive bridge that allows for easy access to an airport. This Hub of new technology and conservationist activity would make any urban lover squeal with delight. To read more about the other options go to

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