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    • no123girl

      Who cares about Big Brother - reality television sucks !! This freaking nobody is kissing HC ass - the witch is far from a BABE!! She’s a freaking liar - just like the Obama administration!! Rylan is like a freaking “frat boy”; he may not b from TU/N0LA I know I lived 3-4 blocks from Tulane University Frat houses (I kno 1st hand how u “treat” the women n what goes into the “special jungle juice drinks” growing Uptown(I born raised here n NOLA, these “preppies” & “privileged ones”) will say anything to get “what they want” & he sure as hell doesn’t want &/or think HC is a BABE! OMG this cracks me up so much, I don’t think her hubby Bill Clinton even thinks she’s a babe, I won’t say what I think she “truly” is (sad b/c 1st time she ran against Obama I felt bad w/all the dirty political ads he did, & made her cry don’t care nor do I trust her anymore), don’t want to start more trouble; Rylan Clark get a gf or mayb a bf whateva floats your boat b/c GAYS DON’T BOTHER ME, I RESPECT THEM! I can smell your stinky comment ass kissing thru the laptop!! Just stop already w/your game. HC don’t take it seriously he’s some kind of “playa” !! Don’t be flattered by his “preppie” agenda”! He’s a FREAKING reality star making a name for himself by using HC!! He’s a piece of sh*! I’m over & out!

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