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    12 Times Blanche Was The Queen Of "The Golden Girls"

    We're all Blanche.

    1. When she knew how to form the perfectly cogent simile.

    2. When she knew exactly how best to showcase her friends.

    3. When she made the most charming introductions.

    4. When her zest and excitement spilled over into all facets of her life.

    5. When she was the epitome of grace and tact.

    6. When she knew just how to diffuse a tense situation.

    7. When she taught us the proper way to deal with embarassment.

    8. When she gave the best advice.

    9. When she could always see the silver lining.

    10. When she made the most spectacular entrances...

    11. ... And exits.

    12. And, most importantly, when she always stayed true to herself — no matter what any lesser person said or thought.

    You're a star, Blanche.