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TheFreeMans Funny Stuff Book 1

1st of four mini E Books made up from TheFreeMans' Poetry Book. All done at

TheFreeMans' Poetry Book

My E Book of poetry now out on 233 of my 'publishable' poems in one handy location @ only $5.95. Will hit E Book sites soon along with its 4 children: Funny 1&2, Political & Anti-War and Philosophical @ only $2.50 each. TheFreeMan- Neil Milliner

TheFreeMan Beats Up The Oldies

My first album is now out on Amazon Mp3s, MySpace Music & I Tunes etc.and is available as Mp3 downloads. My arrangements of 34 public domain songs. All instrumentals, no singing anywhere-promise! (You can buy one at a time off Amazon for only 99c each) TheFreeMan-Neil Milliner