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How To Prep Your #SummerBod Using...Coconut Oil

Looking to get toned, tanned, fit and ready ASAP? Stock up on coconut oil

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1. For Skin that is Tanned AND Soft to the Touch

Lets face it- everyone looks better with a tan!!

Coconut oil has a natural (low) SPF, so it's perfect to achieve that sunkissed glow when the sun comes out! Rub moisturising coconut oil all over and your skin will simply lap up that sun!

You can also use it as a natural make-up remover....who knew!!

2. For a Bod that's 'On Fleek'

Did you know that cooking with coconut oil is not only DELICIOUS, but it's also waaay better than using full-fat cooking oils...Kickstart your healthy eating habits by swapping full-fat oils for coconut oil.

4. For Hydration

It's important to stay hydrated during these hot Summer months. Why not spice up your life and try Coconut water for a thirst quenching, refreshing and natural alternative to a fruit juice. You can buy it in most stores, or simply make your own!

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