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    What 2016 Presidential Candidate Are You?

    Find out what candidate best matches your personality & views, would you vote for yourself? Your friends? Find out about the potential 2016 presidential candidates and be sure to google them to find out more about their platforms and records.

    1. 1. What are your views on the founding fathers & constitution? / Via Wikipedia

      What do these things mean to you?

    2. 2. If you were a CEO and had to balance a budget?

      Your company isn't doing so well right now and is losing money, how do you balance the budget and become profitable?

    3. 3. What best describes your role in your family? / Via Wikipedia
    4. 4. How do you view the homosexual marriage movement? / Via Buzzfeed
    5. 5. What is the biggest issue in education?

    6. 6. What is the biggest environmental issue? / Via Wikipedia
    7. 7. What is your style?

    8. 8. A civil war breaks out in the middle east, what do you do?

    9. 9. What should be done about healthcare?

    10. 10. What is your second choice job behind government?

    11. 11. Who would be your dream running mate?

    Bernie Sanders

    Get the money out of Politics

    Ted Cruz

    Reigniting the Promise of America

    Ben Carson

    Heal Inspire Revive

    Carly Fiorina

    Mike Huckabee

    From Hope to Higher Ground

    Rand Paul

    Defeat the Washington Machine

    Jeb Bush

    Hillary Clinton

    Campaign website, no issues page. For issues go here

    Scott Walker

    Martin O'Malley

    Marco Rubio

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