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Here's Your Daily Reminder That Lin Manuel Miranda Is The Greatest

Look around... look around... at LMM's musical genius.

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Proof that Lin Manuel Miranda has been killin' it for years now:

You may know Lin Manuel Miranda (fondly known as LMM) from the small, relatively unknown (haha) Broadway production "Hamilton." Or, maybe you know him for winning the Tony Award for Best Musical for "In the Heights" in 2008.

Either way, as all LMM fans know, we love him for much more than just his creative and musical success - there's also his very lovable, geek-chic adorableness.

So, let's take a quick look down memory lane at some of LMM's finest moments...

First, here's a video of baby LMM doing promo for his play In the Heights (ft. Jonathan Groff) to the music of High School Musical 2:

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P.S. Take notes Zac Efron, because LMM circa 2008 had some serious moves.

Second, here's LMM performing the song "Alexander Hamilton" at the 2009 White House Poetry Jam. Little did anyone know what this would become...

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"It's a hip-hop album about Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton." The audience be like...sure...okay... BUT DON'T WORRY, we're with you Lin, we gotchu.

Thirdly, watch the truly romantic LMM surprise his wife Vanessa at their wedding with a grand musical number:

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Ah yes, to life!! And, here's to 2010-version Lin Manuel Miranda! (ALSO, if you look closely, you can see Christopher Jackson aka George Washington dancing and singing in the background.)

(As a side note, see how cute the couple still is today) Here's them at the 2016 Tony Awards, where LMM swept while simultaneously praising Vanessa in sonnet-form.

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Help! There's water leaking from my eyes, what what what

And, lastly, here's to all the times LMM was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and showcased his amazing freestyle rapping abilities.

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In the words of the Schuyler Sisters- work Lin work!

Well, there you have it. LMM has been brilliant for years and will be for years to come. On behalf of everyone, thanks for being you, Lin :)

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