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People Are Not Happy About This Year's Big Brother Line Up

Big Brother launched Tuesday 7th June on Channel 5. After much speculation and excitement, viewers were promised a series of twists and turns..

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The brutally honest people of Twitter were less than impressed with the contestants entering the Big Brother house on Tuesday. Some were a little confused whether they'd tuned in to Celeb Big Brother or not.

It's turning into a bit of an ex reality star convention

Reality stars are known for taking part in not only their shows, but celebrity shows like I'm a Celebrity get me out of here! and Celebrity Masterchef. So people were surprised when they join the "normal" Big Brother.


I'm confused by this year's Big Brother. There's 'celebs' but then there's non-celebs. Is this normal BB or celeb BB?

Will the winners prize go to the most deserved, or the most socially popular?

big brother used to have people who genuinely deserved the winner's money and now it's just a bunch of wannabes and Z list celebs 😴💤

Big Brother is infamous for it's explosive characters and shocking moments. How will these media trained "celebs" fair in the Big Brother house?

I thought #BigBrother was suppose to have 'normal' people in the house. Yet they all seem to be well known or related to celebs 🤔🙄

12 of the 18 housemate are well known on the outside, or have been tied to a celeb friend/affair scandal


Not the best stats. Next year can we see some normal faces please? Preferably those we've never seen before!

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