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    10 Times OITNB's Jackie Cruz Slayed On Dubsmash

    Special guest appearances by her OITNB cast mates

    Jackie Cruz, aka Flaca from Orange is the New Black, is as badass as her onscreen character.

    She slays the fashion game.

    She slays the hat game.

    And at a recent TEDx talk, Ms. Cruz shared her story on the struggles she faced growing up and how she ultimately powered through and landed the part of the “feisty Latina” on the ground-breaking show that is Orange is the New Black.

    But Ms. Cruz is proving to be the queen of another game as well: Dubsmash. Let's recall...

    1. When she was cute AF.

    2. When she felt Lorna Morello's pain.

    3. When no cares were given by Flaca and Morello.

    4. When she brought back the 90s.

    5. When Jackie and Diane, aka Flaca and Maritza, aka Flaritza, were best friends in real life and Flaritza shippers all around the world lost their shit.

    7. When her creepy laughing face totally weirded us out.

    8. When we wanted to go to prison just so we can hang out with these two.

    9. When her face after the rejection made our hearts break because we still ship Flaritza so hard.

    10. When she made us want to be part of the OITNB crew.

    Keep slaying Jackie. We love you!