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    Posted on Nov 4, 2014

    What Yanni Album Are You?

    Have you always wanted to know which Yanni album matches your personality? Take this quiz and find out!

    1. 1. What does your ideal Friday evening consist of?

    2. 2. What comes first on your priority list?

    3. 3. Do you prefer the indoors or the outdoors?

    4. 4. It's time to take a trip! Where would you rather go?

    5. 5. What was your favorite subject in school?

    6. 6. Favorite color?

    7. 7. Favorite hobby?

    8. 8. You find a lost wallet with $100 inside. What do you do?

    9. 9. Drink of choice?

    10. 10. Truth or Dare?

    11. 11. And finally, which of these is your favorite Yanni album?

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