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Which Science Research Teacher Are You?

An spiritual quiz to help you find your inner teacher

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  1. What is your favorite thing to do to a student?

    Laugh at them while they pour a smoothie down their shirt
    Beat them at bowling
    Sing "Jai Ho" with them
    Judge their science fair project
  2. What will your students remember you for?

    The food you bring them
    Your sarcastic and humorous comments
    Your ability to take one for the team and listen to a poetry presentation
    Your love for ISEF forms
  3. What would your trademark accessory be?

    A baseball cap
    Colored eyeshadow
    Nothing, I don't need accessories.
    A mickey mouse jacket
  4. You lose Drew on a trip. What do you do?

    I have Drew's prototype so he'll call me or find me eventually. If not, I'll remain calm and find some other practical way to find him.
    OH NO! PANIC!!!!!
    *turns into concerned mother* There's no choice, we have to split up and look for him.
    Let me just stay on the bus and look at ISEF forms, and force my students to look for him. But I'll make sure to yell at Drew when he gets back.
  5. Satya spills his Lycopene. Your reaction is:

    Laugh at him
    Look disappointed but try to help him a little
    I don't know who satya is and I don't need lycopene
  6. You go to Starbucks. What do you get?

    Just regular tea
    Black coffee
    A green tea frappucino
    An espresso with a shot of science fair

Which Science Research Teacher Are You?

You got: Mr. Kepa Oyarbide

Congratulations, you are officially the chillest and probably most practical of them all. Although people who do not know you think that you are quiet, you have a great sense of humor. You are also pretty good at sports, including bowling.

Mr. Kepa Oyarbide
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You got: Mrs. Leya Joykutty

This is definitely NOT sad news. You are an extremely humorous teacher who loves making sarcastic comments at her students. Every Wednesday, your room is crowded with obnoxious research kids who just yell, but somehow you're ok with it.

Mrs. Leya Joykutty
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You got: Dr. Diana Sood

Hello, Dr. Diana Dina Thomas Sood! You are loved by your students because of your fun nature and willingness to bring them snacks. In fact, your students love you so much that they stalk you online to try and find out your middle and maiden names.

Dr. Diana Sood
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You got: Dr. Charles Golden

Long time no see! We have missed you at heritage. Your love for harshly grading ISEF forms and judging science fair projects is unmatched. Although some students remember only your strict criticisms on ISEF forms, you will forever live on as a legend in our hearts.

Dr. Charles Golden
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