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13 GIFs Of Animals Who Have Discovered The Turbo Button

Broom broom!

1. This German shepherd riding a lawnmower.

2. This sloth enjoying the wind in his fur while riding a speedboat.

3. This shaggy pup really punching it on a scooter.

4. This bulldog riding the waves like a boss.

5. This lizard who BOOKS IT.

6. This cat who can seriously cruise.

7. This dalmatian who somehow learned how to ride a bike.

8. This budgie who shreds better than you did in middle school.

9. This adorable and brave skateboarding puppy.

10. This goat who is one quick little dude.

11. These pandas who have the need for speed.

12. This goat who is 100% along for a good ride.

13. These dogs who are racing in the Stroller Grand Prix.

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