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11 Intense Facts You Didn’t Know About Adrenaline

Feel the rush!

1. Adrenaline is a hormone created and secreted by the kidneys of humans and animals to help cope with distress.

2. Adrenaline increases your concentration so much that you forget about pain.

3. You can actually see better on adrenaline.

4. Adrenaline actually expands the air passages in your lungs.

5. But it does the opposite to your blood vessels.

6. Adrenaline may actually enhance memory retention.

7. Adrenaline feeds your body with sugars stored in your muscles, the same kind of natural sugar from apples.

8. Adrenaline stimulates your brain so you can think more quickly.

9. The effects of adrenaline can last for up to an hour.

10. Adrenaline is used to stop allergic reactions and heart attacks by encouraging blood flow.

11. You can perform superhuman feats due to adrenaline.

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