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11 Things That Happen At Every Family Reunion

Family above all else! Nothing compares to the memories made at family reunions. Check out the memories Nissan and Break made when they reconnected a daughter #withdad.

1. Every conversation begins with "The last time I saw you..."

2. ...and eventually leads up to a series of difficult life questions.

3. The coordinating family T-shirt: reunion edition.

You know, just in case any other attire-coordinating family wanders onto the party premises and challenges you to a reunion-off.

4. Sitting through someone trying to explain how they are related to you.

5. The retelling of many awkward and embarrassing stories.

6. The mandatory store run.

7. Accidentally calling one cousin by another cousin's name.

8. Pinched cheeks. Many, many pinched cheeks.

Age serves no protection to this cheek attack. As long as there is someone older at this party, be prepared for your cheeks to have a target for pinchers.

9. Shock and awe over a fellow family member's transformation.

10. Food on food on food.

If food is your happy place, then this is the place to be! Leftovers for days!

11. And finally... the tranquil sounds of the family picture.

Now prepare yourself for the ultimate family reunion. Check out what Nissan and Break have in store when a daughter is reunited #withdad.

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