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10 Pranks All Dads Need To Try Once

C'mon, Dad! The day you were born, you became an immediate pranking target #withdad. Be sure to check out what NIssan has in store with ultimate prankster Roman Atwood.

1. The "Classic Rhino-ectomy"

2. The "While You Were Sleeping"

3. The "Great Start to Your Morning"

4. The "We're on the Market"

5. The "Clean Up on Aisle 7"

6. The "Cold, Hard Cash"

7. The "Caller IDad"

8. The "Sudden Showers"

9. The "Can You Taste the Rainbow?"

10. The "Old Tire Track"

Not too shabby. But now check out the master. Roman Atwood and Nissan team up to make an epic prank #withdad.

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