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3 Hysterical Mythical Military Ranks

There is nothing easy about Military work - Early morning, Long hours, extensive travel and working under demanding conditions are the part of the game.

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There is nothing easy about Military work - Early morning, Long hours, extensive travel and working under demanding conditions are the part of the game. It’s no wonder why Morale patches have been the most important element in Military culture for generations. Morale Patches are the patches worn by the troops on their uniforms which are basically designed for joke and fun, applicable only to their specific military career field. The wear of morale patches is at the discretion of the unit’s commander.

Military morale Patches are in high demand especially among the kids and teens and this particular demand for funny Military Patches is inflating day by day. These morale patches are available worldwide and represents particular Military Ranks. These morale patches on the other hand are introduced under different categories and product lines to attract customers. However it is vital to have a clear understanding on the Hysterical Mythical Military ranks as these patches are designed on these.

SrA Chief of The Air Force

Senior Airman (SrA) is the 4th Rank in the US Air Force, which is above the Airman First Class and Below the Staff Sergeant. They receive a pay grade of E-4. They are expected to be technically proficient with good leadership skills, and are supposed to supervise an airman of lesser rank.

A senior airman must attend a 6 week Airman Leadership School before being promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Lance Commandant of the Marine Corps

The CMC - Commandant of the Marine Corps is the highest ranking in the US Marine Corps and is the member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The commandant performs all the functions prescribed in the Section 5043 in TITLE OF THE US CODE.

They are nominated by the President for a 4 year term of service and must be confirmed by the Senate. They are directly responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for the overall performance of the Marine Corps which includes the administration, discipline, training, efficiency and the readiness of the service. They are also responsible for the operation of the Marine Corps material support system.

Command Private Major of The Army (CPM)

Looking the need for adequate leadership and representation among the junior enlisted soldiers, the United States Army has considered a new listed rank – the CPM - Command Private Major of The Army . The issues and concerns of the junior are represented by the CPM. The CPM also encourages more soldiers to re-enlist and to even consider the Army as a career. The Private Major of the Army (PMA) is the highest ranking Junior enlisted in the Army and he/she would outrank all the CPMs. They would also travel around consulting with CPMs regarding Army Policy.

Likewise as presented above these morale Patches are designed and sold based on the Hysterical Mythical Ranks and therefore having a clear understanding on these ranks is also important. These ranks can be ranging from different responsibility and authority levels and the patches are also designed to denote the position held as a symbolic means of communications.

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