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    Posted on 25 Dec 2014

    25 Doodles That Perfectly Capture Life In India

    "Kutta paalo, billi paalo lekin galatfehmi mat paalo."

    1. Whenever you see Ranveer Singh without a shirt.

    2. When Bombay winters are literally the best time to wear summer dresses.

    3. When you're no graceful swan but boy can you shake it with little help from a Patiala peg.

    4. When you earn the right to bitch about your government by getting an ink stain.

    5. When your parents tell you to become an engineer because there's no way you can make it big as an artist.

    6. When you can't pass a street kitten without touching it.

    7. When you spot a hottie but then he starts talking.

    8. When your friend comes back from a holiday from the U.S. and won't stop talking in the accent.

    9. When aunties comment on how 'healthy' you've become.

    10. And of course, this eternal struggle.

    11. When everyone needs to check how much bribe you'll have to pay to get into college.

    12. When you make your non-Indian friend eat street Pav Bhaji because their trip would be incomplete otherwise.

    13. When Mondays just suck worldwide.

    14. When your mom thinks you're getting off work early to go for your fourth cousin's wedding.

    15. When you're on vacation and all you can think about is this.

    16. When they act like you're buying explosives whenever you need some good old sanitary napkins.

    17. When you find a life long Fart Buddy Forever.

    18. When bacon because bacon.

    19. When a cutting just doesn't cut it.

    20. When your back up plan in life is to just marry rich.

    21. When you try take a mirror selfie where you can crop out your phone so it doesn't look like a selfie.

    22. When you got the flu because someone sneezed on you in the train.

    23. When there's no such thing as 'peak hour' when it comes to traffic.

    24. When the misery of growing a year older can only be beaten by cake, cake and more cake.

    25. When you're dodging life's nimbus like a pro.

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