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You Can Contribute To Indian Kids' Education Just By Making A Paper Boat And Instagramming It

Easiest good deed ever.

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Indian beverage company, Paper Boat, has come up with the kindest and cutest way to get back in touch with your inner child.

Paper Boat wants you to relive your favourite monsoon memory — the simple pleasure of making a paper boat and setting it to sail in the nearest puddle.

For each paper boat that is created, and its picture uploaded with the hashtag #FloatABoat, Paper Boat will contribute ₹20 towards supporting primary education of children.

All the proceeds go towards a West Bengal based NGO called Parivaar.

Parivaar is chiefly working for the total care and overall development of children from categories like orphans, girl children highly vulnerable to exploitation, victimization and trafficking, street children, abandoned children, extremely impoverished children from tribal areas and other such highly vulnerable children.


"Our Hope Floats campaign has deliberately been mounted on digital – especially social media – making it easy for everyone to participate in. Anyone, anywhere, with just a piece of paper, can hop aboard," said Neeraj Kakkar, founder and CEO, Paper Boat.

“It’s also our little effort to gift a bit of childhood to children who really need it,” he added in an email to BuzzFeed.

All you have to do to help is — make a paper boat, upload a photo of it to Twitter or Instagram with #FloatABoat and go back to competitively racing your boats with friends.

Repeat x1000 because each boat is a drop that contributes to the ocean of dreams these kids can fulfil with your help.