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    Can We Just Talk About How Hot Suniel Shetty Has Gotten?

    Sorry for ignoring you for the last ten years.

    Athiya Shetty's recent Instagrams have ignited some strange, strange feelings in me.

    Feelings I don't really understand.


    Is Suniel Shetty... HOT?!?!?!?

    Let's backtrack a little. This is peak youth Suniel Shetty...


    And this is 2016 Suniel Shetty. 💦💦💦

    Somehow, due to some unforeseen circumstances, he has turned from this person on the left to this hunk on the right.

    Here he is giving hope to countless middle-aged men, that hotness still awaits.

    Is it the salt and pepper beard? Or the super trendy hair?

    Munna's Photography / Via

    Or is it just the most chiseled dadbod to ever exist?

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    I'm still unsure of what it is and what I'm feeling but maybe he should hold some sort of class?

    But then again, I don't know if my heart can take it.

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