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    Posted on 3 Nov 2015

    14 Pictures Everyone Who's Been To An Indian Wedding Will Recognise

    Brace yourself, wedding season is coming.

    1. First of all, you have to take like a week off from work to attend a desi wedding.

    2. Literally. There are marriages that are shorter.

    Imaan Sheikh/ BuzzFeed India

    3. And each function's outfit takes meticulous planning and a shit load of money.

    4. Only to find out that a random aunty has been bitching about it all day.

    5. You may have to miss some of life's important moments to attend your aunt's cousin's neighbour's uncle's daughter's wedding.

    Via Twitter: @neilathayde

    Because "If you don't go to other people's weddings, no one will come to yours." I'M OKAY WITH THAT, MOM.

    6. And there isn't much to tide you over once you get there.

    7. Except entertainment in the form of drunk uncles.

    8. And food. All the good, good food.

    9. But when you get to it, you're going to find a cameraman capturing you in all your piggy glory.

    Zaid Ali

    10. Weddings are really, really unsafe if you're single and above the age of 21.

    11. So you end up being rude and have to be ready for a lecture on manners.

    Imaan Sheikh

    12. You get to meet all the people you've ever interacted with since the day you were born.

    13. But we can all agree that the reception is the worst part.


    No one needs to be standing around for hours in their wedding finery just so every damn person has proof they attended.

    14. And it's really awkward how involved the whole damn family gets in the couple's suhaag raat.

    But one thing's for sure, we really know how to throw a party.

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