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    17 Faces Everyone With A Big Family Will Know

    There is no such thing as "home alone".

    1. This curse you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy:

    skip2mylou_is / Via

    2. Followed by this confrontation:

    bari_mills / Via

    3. This human lasagne:

    4. This ultimate test of patience:

    leahg12088 / Via

    5. This awkward moment:

    thedesibrownguy / Via

    6. This feeling when MORE guests come over:

    Hughes Entertainment / Via

    7. And ALWAYS having to give up your room:

    suicedaconnect / Via

    8. Seriously. Just ban guests.

    _pakistanimemes / Via

    9. This struggle:

    neeli1985 / Via

    10. This sulk after the tantrum:

    shaimaa07 / Via

    11. This inevitable problem:

    emmibhags / Via

    12. Where you have to meet characters like these:

    volum3three / Via

    13. Plus you have to go through this nonsense:

    themermaidhoney / Via

    14. This minefield:

    thebigtino / Via

    15. This shit:

    _g00nsquad_ / Via

    16. And having to put a stop to it anyhow:

    melissazhang26 / Via

    17. And this single moment of bliss.

    katie_robin / Via

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