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KFC Sent Me Chicken In A Box That Can Charge My Phone – Why The Fuck Was This Made?

What is the point of this?

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A box arrived with a chicken Zinger, two chicken wings, a small portion of chicken popcorn, one veg strip, a can of Pepsi and a cookie.

After the food was devoured (there's no KFC near our office OK?) we moved onto the second most important thing, the box.


The instructions were pretty clear but, like, my phone was already charged. Also, I was near a plug point.


I checked to see if it worked because it's still a cool concept. It didn't start right away but a little pushing and shoving later, it worked fine.


The box came with two cords: One iPhone and one Android. You need the Android cord to recharge the box as well.

But here's the thing: The small portable charger can be removed from the box. So why would I need the whole Watt-A-Box ever? I mean where would I use this?


You could argue that I can buy this box in case of an emergency. Walk into the nearest KFC when my battery is running low and buy this to charge my phone, right? WELL, YOU'RE WRONG. Because it's not available to buy. You have to enter a contest on their Facebook page to get one of these babies.