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16 Hilarious Images Girls With TOO MUCH DAMN HAIR Will Relate To

Thread lightly.

1. When you're between sessions.

@thebrazenbrasian / Via

2. When you get more than you asked for.

3. Way, wayyy more.

Imaan Sheikh

4. When the sass is way too strong.

5. And the aftermath even more so.

BuzzFeed India

6. When you have to think up new life hacks.

@fuckersbelike / Via

7. When videos like these are relevant.

@omgvinita / Via

8. When your hair just can't any more.

@kully_rehal / Via

"Leave me, for the love of god."

9. When you try something new.

@hatecopy / Via

10. When people start making "typos".

@quiltkittyloveslife / Via

11. When you have one saviour.

@keralasquad / Via

12. When you realise your rate of growth.

@brickandmirrorbeauty / Via

13. And really wish it could apply itself elsewhere.

@carysdavies_x / Via

14. When you use your superhuman ability to test your friends.

15. When you try to explain your woes to those less fortunate.

BuzzFeed India

16. And when you just own it.

@hatecopy / Via

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