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    4 Apr 2016

    People Are Wearing Their Button-Down Shirts Front-To-Back Because Why The Hell Not

    They're literally bringing sexy back.

    Mumbai's fashion week just ended and the city was abuzz with ~fashionistas~ and ~fresh new trends~.

    Sujit Jaiswal / AFP / Getty Images

    One of these cool new fashionable trends is wearing your oversized button-down backwards.

    You can easily score one from your dad or boyfriend's cupboard and never repeat an outfit again.

    The trend started at Milan Fashion Week at the end of last year and has just reached India's shores.

    All you need is a slightly over-sized shirt (so your boobs can fit) and the superhuman ability to be able to button behind your back (or just some help).

    This trick can work on all kinds of shirts including cute tie-up ones.

    *forgets how to wear things normally*

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