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    Posted on 18 Sep 2015

    11 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained While You're Stuck In Ganpati Traffic

    Aside from cursing everyone around you.

    1. Carpool with friends and carry some cards to keep yourself entertained.

    2. Listen to some heartbreaking Bollywood jams and pretend you're in a movie.

    Yash Raj Films

    3. Sharpen your selfie-taking skills.

    4. Try to make a viral video.

    5. Come up with a dance routine and teach it to your friends.

    Eros International

    Warning: This may or may not make all of them hate you forever.

    6. Keep your eyes peeled for the funniest signs and stickers you can find.

    7. And Instagram that shit ASAP. More than 11 likes, guaranteed.

    8. Come up with some creative curses to fling at your local politicians for bringing traffic to a standstill every year with their poor management.

    Reliance Entertainment

    9. Take a relaxing nap (preferably not at the wheel like this champion).

    10. Roll down your windows and catch up on the latest EDM songs blaring from every pandal speaker.

    11. Join in the festivities because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Red Chillies Entertainment

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