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23 Orgasms All Indians Have Had

When you finish your roti and sabzi at the same time..

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1. When you don't realise it was Happy Hour until you get the bill.

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2. When you get the first rickshaw you asked.

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3. When the shopkeeper gives you what you want for the exact price you bargained for.

Yash Raj Films / Via

4. When you get on a train at 6 p.m. and get a seat.

YashRaj Films / Via

5. When you enter your air-conditioned office from the oven that is outside.

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6. When your parents approve of your S.O.

7. When your pizza doesn't come in 30 minutes so you get FREE PIZZA!

8. When you watch one full movie online without it buffering.

9. When you bite into the first mango of mango season.

10. When your parents are fast asleep when you come home late.

Arbaaz Khan Productions

11. When Virat Kohli hits a century.

Rajshri Productions

12. When you wake up on Sunday morning with the smell of biryani.

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13. When your Maggi is made juuuuust right.

14. When you feel your legs just after getting a wax.

15. Whenever there's valet parking.

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16. When you get a text message saying that your salary has been credited.

17. When you get to the vada pav stall and find out that a hot, fresh batch has just been made.

18. When you get exactly what you wanted for less than half the price from a Flipkart sale.

SLB Films

19. When you finish your roti and sabzi at the same time.

20. When you get a day off because of the rain.

Yash Raj Films

21. When your Vodafone 3G works.

Ramesh Sippy Entertainment

22. When you buy clothes online and they actually fit you.

Rajshri Productions

23. When you wake up in a panic and realise it's Saturday.

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