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    The 17 Most Important Narendra Modi Outfits Of 2014

    It was the year of the head gear.

    17. Dressed as a Leh-man.

    Narendra Modi / Via Twitter: @narendramodi

    On an official visit to Leh, Modi (obviously) decided to wear the local costume. While the effort is commendable, it is never a good idea to stand in the vicinity of Omar Abdullah while you're looking as ridiculous and uncomfortable as Modi is. Next time maybe just stick to the hat?

    Verdict: 2.5/10

    16. When he was too sack-sy for his shirt.

    Narendra Modi / Via Twitter: @narendramodi

    While meeting a delegate of Kashmiri Pandits Modi donned this oversized asymmetrical cloak that is reminiscent of the Japanese principles of design. But let's get real, it ain't doing him no favours. The vivid coloured turban helps save this outfit.

    Verdict: 3/10

    15. The time he went tone on tone on tone.

    Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP / Getty Images

    If Modi's fashion had one flaw, it's that his outfits can get too matchy matchy. Yes tone on tone is super trendy but if 75% of your attire is matching, you may as well be invisible.

    Verdict: 4/10

    14. When everything went ka-bloom.

    Chandan Khanna/AFP / Getty Images

    Modi is really trying hard to shed his bad boy image. This image of him holding up his fingers in a peace sign while being showered with rose petals is screaming, "I'M A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER!"

    Verdict: 5/10

    13. "Orange you glad to see me?"

    Prakash Mathema/AFP / Getty Images

    Is what Modi seems to be saying to the kind people of Katmandu. Here he goes matching crazy again to the extent of coordinating his whole outfit with the tikka on his head. We'd have loved if he added a Nepali topi to his ensemble.

    Verdict: 5/10

    12. When he was a picture of pastel perfection.

    STR/AFP / Getty Images

    Mint was huge this year in everything from manis to mains. Modi kept it minty fresh as hell with this super chill vest. Damn does this man know how to layer or what?

    Verdict: 6/10

    11. This velvety vixen look.

    Prakash Singh/AFP / Getty Images

    Mr. Modi was already rocking this fall fashion staple way back in February of this year. Modi could have been placed in fashion royalty if only he had stuck to a monochrome outfit to let the his scarf/medal really pop.

    Verdict: 6/10

    10. This white hot OOTD.

    Prakash Singh/AFP / Getty Image

    While we maintain that Modi can get too matchy, white on white is never a bad idea. The Jeetendra influence is evident and nostalgia inducing. Also it never hurts to look like a life-size white flag. Minus points for sandals and socks though. Even Modi can't get away with that.

    Verdict: 6.5/10

    9. The time he took Lungi dance pe chance.

    Seshadri Sukumar/AFP / Getty Images

    Fashion isn't just about looking good, it's a way of communication. While campaigning in Chennai, Modi donned a local lungi in an effort to win over the South. His enviable accessory, Rajinikanth, is like a cherry on top of this payasam.

    Verdict: 5 + 2(for Rajinikanth) = 7/10

    8. "Let me show you my peacock."

    Narendra Modi / Via Twitter: @narendramodi

    After an intensive study of Modi's sartorial fashion choices, we can safely say that his favourite part to dress is his head. This elaborate hat he wore to a rally in Rourkela, featuring the Indian national bird, would put even Philip Treacy to shame. All we can say is G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

    Verdict: 7/10

    7. This jaadu ki japi.

    Biju Boro/AFP / Getty Images

    Modi has grown to become quite the patron of local fashion. Here we see him donning a traditional Assamese Japi (hat). He has also mastered the art of layering with no less than 4 different scarves resting comfortably on his broad shoulders.

    Verdict: 8/10

    6. When he taught us a lesson in 'Dressing for the occasion.'

    Prakash Singh/AFP / Getty Images

    To mark the country's 68th Independence Day, Modi proudly and dramatically displayed his patriotism on his head with this trailing tricoloured turban. We tip our turbans to this look.

    Verdict: 8/10

    5. When Modi went warrior chic.

    Biju Boro/AFP / Getty Images

    A firm believer of "When in Rome..." Modi dressed himself in a Naga tribal costume and accessorised with a tribal spear and a goddamn machete! We hear Putin is getting seriously insecure about his position as most badass leader. Extra points for the crotch-guard.

    Verdict: 8.5/10

    4. The one on trend.

    Rick Rycroft/AFP / Getty Images

    We're honestly impressed that Narendra Modi knew that oversized coats were THE celebrity fashion statement this year with Kim and Kanye being active influencers of this trend. We like to think Modi flips through Vogue on all his plane rides.

    Fun fact: Did you know that his rimless glasses are Bulgari?

    Verdict: 9/10

    3. Advocating #NoMoKeds.

    Nicholas Kamm/AFP / Getty Images

    Modi has officially become the first Indian tourist to go on a trip to the United States Of America and NOT worn white keds under all his outfits. He serves as a true inspiration to Indians everywhere.

    Verdict: 10/10 this outfit is #flawless.

    2. This aviator outfit.

    Narendra Modi / Via Twitter: @narendramodi

    One of his personal bests, Modi wore this aviator themed outfit addressing our brave Jawans at Siachen Base Camp. We just love how passionate he gets in dressing for every situation. The red scarf perfectly ties this outfit together.

    Verdict: 10/10

    1. More (flower) power to you.

    Indranil Mukherjee/AFP / Getty Images

    Oversized accessories were a HUGE trend this year. Obviously as the head of one of the largest democracies in the world, Modi had to have the biggest flower garland made by man. Some would say that maybe he's over compensating, we say there's no such thing as too big a flower garland.

    Verdict: 11/10

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