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23 Tweets Every Indian Needs To Send To Their Mom Right Now

"My mother was feeling cold so now I'm wearing a sweater."

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Indian mother logic: After 1 missed call: He is busy. I'll call later. After 2 calls: Why is he so busy? After 3 calls: Oh no. He's dead.


I have two stalkers. I call the first one Mom.


Good to know Indian parents settled abroad are continuing the tradition of embarrassing their kids.


My mother was feeling cold so now I'm wearing a sweater.


List of unforgivable sins, according to Indian mothers: 5. Drugs 4. Theft 3. Murder 2. Premarital Sex 1. Why didn't you eat dinner at home?


After followng ur Parent's advice as to what to do wid ur career, the only outlet of creativity left for u is in naming Whatsapp Groups


Behind every successful woman are her parents... wondering why she hasn't found someone yet and when she plans on getting married.


My mother used to force me to change into "comfortable" clothes before sleeping which I hated. Just to spite her, I sleep in a tuxedo now.


Today is the day we thank our mother on social media and then complain ki lunch mein tinde kyun banaye hai?


Me:*cleans house*replaces bedsheets*rolls round rotis*paints grandma's toenails* Ma: Hum tumhare jitne the tab hum roller coaster banate the


Food Blogger: Maa, bhookh lag rahi. Mom: Ruk 20 minute. Food Blogger: *updates blog* Service is poor. Lazy staff. Bad ambience. 2/5 stars.


Hello? Mummy? Haan kaun? Kitne log tumhe mummy bulate hain mummy? :|



Yeh jalebi, samose, chai sab hamari beti me apne haathon se Instagram kiye hai!


Indian parents: bandh karwaoing things since always.


Mom: Bahut bhoolne lag gyi Hai aajkal Ja Jake badaam kha *goes to the kitchen* *returns after 5 mins* Me: Kya khaana tha?


If Nadal had Indian parents- Mom- Koi baat nahi beta, 1st round kafi acha khela. Dad- Humne finals ki ticket le rakhi thi, kya karein unka?


Ganga is our mother. Cow is our mother. India is our mother. Only our mother is not our mother cause she cooks lauki sometimes.


*Accidentally drops a glass in the kitchen* Mother: "Tod do. Sab kuch tod do. Puri kitchen tod do. Pura ghar tod do."


Mothers are complicated. You buy all the expensive stuff for her she wont care but you take a shower after 10 days she is suddenly happy!


* Indian Family Dinner * Mom- Beta abb aage kya karne ka socha hai ? Dad- Bank clerk ke form nikle hai bhar de Son-



Moms, They serve you extra on your plate. They force you to eat the entire thing. They blame you when you get fat. Moms.