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    22 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Every Desi Girl's Problems

    "Not being able to wear crop tops... except as a sari blouse."

    1. On the impact of Bollywood on your love life.

    2. On mild overreactions.

    3. On outrageously homophobic families.

    4. On "respectable" dressing.

    5. On friendships.

    6. On personal grooming.

    7. On unreasonable parenting.

    8. On hogging the spotlight.

    9. On "other" Facebook friend requests.

    10. On Auntyjis.

    11. On our true cultural inheritance.

    12. On our daily diet struggle.

    13. On choice.

    14. On pre-marital sex.

    15. On "well meaning" aunties.

    16. On shopping online.

    17. On dealing with unwanted attention.

    18. On the dire need for sex education.

    19. On making english pop songs work for you.

    20. On going for the little pleasures.

    21. On planning ahead.

    22. And, finally, on India's deadliest disease.