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    16 Struggles Of Dating When You're A Twentysomething Indian Woman

    "No one's going to marry you." –your mom in every situation.

    1. First of all, Bollywood is responsible for giving us totally unrealistic romantic goals.

    2. If it was up to them, your bae would forever be stuck in your khwab.

    3. And if that didn't ruin dating for you, your parents definitely will.

    4. Because they're forever conflicted between being overprotective and giving you away as soon as it's legally allowed.

    5. If you dodged those two bullets, you can always count on an aunty to ruin it for you.

    6. Your self-esteem levels take a hit on a daily basis.

    7. If you're gay, good luck trying to find one sane adult to understand, let alone accept.

    8. It's not like finding a nice guy is easy either.

    9. And having a conversation with more than one boy is even more problematic.

    10. You try moving your search online without much success.

    11. And the kind of attention you get is the kind you don't want.

    12. Literally every Indian who has managed to find a partner deserves some sort of prize.

    13. Even if you find someone, you have to keep it on the DL.

    14. If your family is OK with you dating someone it's probably because they expect you to get married any second.

    15. But if you haven't, don't worry about it because a whole army of matchmakers is on it.

    16. But then again, you're probably not good enough.