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    Posted on 7 Oct 2015

    20 Signs That Definitely Have A Hilarious Story Behind Them

    "We will no longer accept money out of undergarments."

    1. The plot behind this inside joke.

    2. The story behind this order.

    Via Twitter: @pinkalicious_88

    "Don't call me brother. My name is Anil."

    3. The logic behind the route of this bus in India.

    4. The tale behind these regional parking zones.

    5. The story behind this reasonable request.

    6. The mission that wasn't impossible.

    7. The reason behind this love for foreigners. Especially those from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    8. The story behind this guy's marriage.

    9. The account of whoever broke this poor guy's heart.

    10. The reason behind papaji's orders.

    11. The report of WHO DID THIS.

    12. The anecdote of the poor bastard who tried to pee on an electric box.

    13. The story behind this gymnast.

    14. The tale of the birth of this cafe.

    15. The story of this sorceress who turned a bat into a good human.

    16. The reason for this particular specification.

    17. The autobiography of this genius.

    18. The moving account of this parent.


    "When you are bad, I am your dad."

    19. The story behind what caused this store to be so mistrusting.

    Pathikrit Sanyal

    20. And whatever caused this.

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