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    16 Reasons Katrina Is The Most Likeable Person In Bollywood

    "I think I'm really funny, but I've been told by many very close friends of mine that I'm just not funny."

    1. Everyone keeps saying that Katrina is boring and expressionless but that's clearly not true.

    2. She's adorably candid.

    3. And still a total goofball.

    4. She has zero time for silly comments.

    5. And she's really good at dodging uncomfortable questions.

    6. But not without a healthy helping of sass.

    7. She tackles everyday sexism while smiling the whole time.

    8. She just casually bhai-zones unsuspecting actors.

    9. She's so much fun to work with...

    10. All her coworkers just sign films without even reading the damn script.

    11. Her demands are simple and so relatable.

    12. She's shamelessly affectionate.

    13. Her honesty is one of her best qualities.

    14. She is SERIOUSLY honest.

    15. And SERIOUSLY funny.

    16. And she doesn't even need anybody to have fun.

    Never change, Katrina.

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