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    17 Shawarmas That You Want Inside You RIGHT NOW


    1. Imagine this bad boy in your hand.

    2. This colourful beauty.

    3. This spicy señor.

    4. It's messy but it's soooo good.

    5. Whether it's wide open or rolled tight.

    6. It's ALL good.

    7. It's all fiiiine.

    8. It fills you like nothing else.

    9. It's complex layers and textures excite the most inactive taste buds.

    10. It's not bad-looking either.

    11. It's perfect actually.

    12. What other food is the perfect package of everything you love...

    13. In exactly the right proportion.

    14. It fulfils all your dietary requirements.

    15. Look! There's salad.

    16. If there was ONLY one thing you could eat for the rest of your life...

    17. It should be shawarmas.

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