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    20 Easy Ways To Make Your Indian Wedding Goddamn Adorable

    Hopefully you've only got one shot. Make it count.

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    1. If your baaraat is at night, ensure that everyone's energy levels stay up with a snack and a drink.

    2. Instead of handing out gifts at the end of the mehendi, have a bangle booth and let guests pick out their own.

    Decor by Gautam Vedi, Via WedMeGood / Via

    3. The bride deserves all the attention, so her throne must obviously be cute AF.

    Decor by Wedding Commitments Via WedMeGood

    4. Photo booths are the easiest way to make your wedding memorable.

    5. Involve your pets in every way you can...

    Vows & Tales, Via WedMeGood / Via

    6. Don't let cranky kids ruin your special day by keeping them entertained.

    BONUS: All your pictures will have bubbles in the background.

    7. And candy. Lots and lots of candy.

    8. No need for all the ladkiwale and ladkewale nonsense because it's all about the union.

    9. Have henna themed foods that are almost too pretty to eat.

    10. Hand out hangover kits at the end of your sangeet if you want your guests to make it to your wedding.

    Diksha Mehta Invites / Via Instagram: @dikshamehtainvites

    11. Personalise the menu to suit the bride and groom.

    Whatknot Photography, Via WedMeGood / Via

    12. Ditch the bridesmaids t-shirts for stylish capes.

    Wed Me Good / Via

    13. If you're having a beach wedding, don't forget about your guests' toes.

    The wedding salad / Via

    14. Guarantee your sangeet is a rager by letting people take their heels off.

    15. And most importantly, the bride must be able to dance.

    16. Get personal, meaningful notes by keeping a wishing tree with post-its and pens.

    Wed me good / Via

    17. A truck bar makes weddings so much more Instagrammable.

    The Wedding Designers, Via WedMeGood / Via

    18. Hand out dandiyas to start up the most dangerous dance ever.

    19. Direct people to your wedding, but with added cheese.

    20. And if all fails, source a cute baby to be part of the festivities.

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