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    Updated on 31 Jan 2019. Posted on 3 Mar 2016

    12 Easy And Cheap Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Heat


    In my 25 years of experience with curly hair, I've realised one thing – hair is hard, you guys. If you don't style it, it looks unruly. If you DO, your hair is damaged and THEN needs even more styling. And the cycle goes on...

    Also, styling tools, serums, mousses, gels, glitter etc. are reaaaalllyyy expensive.

    There are ways to win tbh. It takes patience and the result may take a while to perfect but YOU CAN FINALLY BREAK THE CYCLE, COME ON.

    1. You can get some subtle waves to add more volume to long hair with just a tshirt.

    Curl your damp hair around a twisted tshirt and have yourself a good night's sleep. Look like a goddess when you wake up.

    2. Add volume to the crown with a bit of backcombing.

    Via Instagram: @sarahangius

    Especially helpful for the can't-be-bothered-to-wash-my-hair days.

    3. Get salon-level curls with this slightly complicated knotty hack.

    Twist and knot your hair as shown. Distract yourselves for a few hours and there you have it.

    4. Use bubble wrap to tie your hair together and have a ready past time right there, on your head.

    Miss Ansh / Via
    Miss Ansh / Via

    5. Fake a bob by rolling your hair and then pinning it up with bobby pins. Spray to finish.

    6. You can even actually straighten your hair without heat. WHAAAAT.

    Pin wet hair flat on your head. Pull till it's absolutely tight and pin it. Wait till it dries and you're good to go.

    7. Braid damp hair with twisted pieces of foil to get pretty curls.


    For a detailed tutorial look here.

    8. Or just braid it overnight and get it crimped.

    9. You can invest in a pair of curling flexi rods that (unlike curlers) will stay on your head no matter what.

    10. Make bantu knots to get easy beachy waves.

    11. Sitting on the toilet and forgot your phone? Just use some toilet paper to knot your hair and get instant curls.

    Don't forget to save some TP for later.

    12. Once you're confident of your skill level or convince someone who is, use hairspray to free hand some artistic texture on to your hair.

    Now go be in a shampoo commercial, you beautiful butterfly.

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