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This Chennai Bakery Employs And Nurtures Adults With Learning Disabilities

"Our aim is not to earn profits but to empower and give a sense of respect and individuality to these adults who have been often ignored even by their own families."

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After completing high school, Srinivasan had a dream. He wanted to start a bakery with friends who had learning disorders, just like him.

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This is the story of how his mom helped him achieve his dream while also improving and enriching the lives of several adults who didn't think they had a shot at a fulfilling life.


"This is a place where adults from the neighbourhood come in, and then we provide a canopy for them, where the following areas are taken care of – physical, mental, social, psychological and finally the economical aspect," says Sumithra.

Sai Bakery doesn't ask for much. All they want is a chance to spread awareness.

The Better India

As Sumithra says, "Give us a chance. Once a month, give us a table. The group will come put up our products that we make. You don't have to buy because we make thank-you cards and give it to everybody for helping us create awareness and sensitivity."

To know more about Sai Bakery and the people it helps, watch this video.

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