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    5 Aug 2015

    18 Times Riteish And Genelia Deshmukh Gave Us Intense Relationship Goals

    Happily ever after really does exist.

    1. When his gifting game was on point.

    2. When she was the best cheerleader.

    3. When he wanted to be in all her pictures.

    4. When his captions made your stone heart melt.

    5. When they celebrated their time together in the cheesiest way possible.

    6. When they did the same for friendship day.

    7. When they address each other as "Riaan's dad" and "Riaan's mom" on social media.

    8. When they both DIY'd the cutest Christmas gift.

    9. When their family portrait gave us extreme feels.

    10. When they were in the same room but STILL needed to show the world how in love they are.

    11. When he uploaded this cute nap-time photo.

    12. When they celebrated their victory as the cutest team ever.

    13. When he proved how smitten he is with this one Instagram.

    14. And she, with this one tweet.

    15. When they took funny-faced selfies as all couples do.

    16. When they never forgot an anniversary.

    17. When their Twitter conversations were dripping with sweetness.

    18. And when they were the only couple whose PDA didn't make you gag.

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