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What's The Worst Arranged Marriage Date You've Ever Been On?

Come on, you can laugh about it now...

Let's be honest: desi kids are always under pressure to get married at the "suitable" age.

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From daily taunts to hard core blackmail, anything goes. You may even go into it voluntarily, full of bright and shiny visions of your future.

So being the good, sanskari child that you are, you decide to go for ONE meeting.

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Just to see what it's like and also for crazy stories to tell your friends... Who knows? Maybe you'll find The One.

A few lucky people manage to find their life partners through this channel but some of us come back like:

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Maybe their possessive, deranged ex crashed your date...

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Or their excitement for the "honeymoon" is creepy AF.

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Maybe he brought his mom along who physically fed him his dinner with her hands.

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Or they got properly wasted and told you their deepest, darkest secrets before throwing up on your shoes.


At least you can laugh about it now and get our sympathies and LOLs...

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Rishtas and shaguns to the best comments!

By telling us your worst marriage arrangement horror stories in the comments below.

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