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How Ranveer Singh Discovered His Bollywood Dreams When He Was 5 Years Old

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In this month’s issue of The Caravan, journalist Taran N. Khan deep-dove into the phenomenon that is Ranveer Singh, attempting to understand and explain him.

The Caravan

In it, Singh opens up about the moment he knew he wanted stardom.

When he was "four or five or six years old," Singh said, he was at a birthday party with his dadi, or paternal grandmother, and she "was getting really bored." The song "Jumma Chumma De De," from Hum had recently stormed across the country, and at some point it started to play. Singh, encouraged by his dadi, began to dance. "It was just us two. She was clapping and someone saw this fat kid dancing to "Jumma Chumma" and called someone else, who called someone else. The turned the music up and suddenly everyone's there clapping and whistling." It was Singh's first experience of applause. "I was like. 'Shit! This is a real trip!' That's when I knew I wanted to be a performer. Though I couldn't articulate it, and I didn't understand it. But I felt it.

TL;DR – 5-year-old Ranveer was bored at a birthday party, and began to dance to entertain his grandmom. He attracted a crowd, drew applause, and realised he wanted to spend his life performing. And that’s exactly what he did.

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You should read the incredible article in full here.

Also, this is an official call for anyone in possession of a video of this. You will be richly rewarded.

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