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I Lived Without A Phone For One Week And Here's What I Learned

Basically, nothing.

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On the fateful day of October 2, the most tragic of all first world problems befell me.

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While I was holidaying at a farm in the goddamn middle of nowhere, my phone decided to have a little swim with the fishes. With little civilisation around me, there wasn't much I could do other than stick it in a bag of rice and start my life as a hermit. Here's what I learned.

1. The most underrated reason we're obsessed with our phones is to know the time. To know the time when you're phone-less, you have to wear an ancient talisman i.e. a watch.

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There's nothing more concerning than waking up and not knowing what the time is. Jolting awake in a blind panic became the norm. But hey, I made some friends along the way.

"Hey what's the time?"

"Can I have the time?"

"Bhaiya time kya hua?"

2. But ironically, it's the reason you're always late.

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IDK if my body clock decided to finally step up or just that snooze buttons are the worst but I made it to work on time EVERY DAY this week. Which is not something I can usually boast about.

3. It's really weird to not have a phone while travelling.

It was fun staring out the window the first two days but the same route got real old real fast. And not knowing the time while being stuck in a traffic jam is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

4. You losing your phone is a thousand times more problematic for your loved ones.


If your parents are even a fraction as over-protective as mine, there's going to be a problem. Expect some phone calls on your friends' and coworkers' phones. Now everyone knows that my mother calls me at 2 p.m. every day to ask what I had for lunch. Thanks mom.

5. More than Instagram and Snapchat, you rely on your phone for a bunch of boring shit.

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Boring shit like calling cabs and ordering food. Which you totally get off doing when you don't have a phone. Yay!

6. You'd think not having a phone would suck because you can't reach your friends. But it sucks MORE when you're actually hanging out with them IRL.


I feel you, Taylor^. It's tough to be the only person at a dinner table who isn't a phone-zombie. Just stop! You don't even know how awful this is. If there's one thing I've actually learned it's to NOT DO THIS. Ever.

7. We've started evaluating life experiences by how much traction they'll get us online. For a true Snap-addict like me, joys are less joyful without a phone.

During my brief phone-lessness, I met cricketing legend SACHIN TENDULKAR at the airport and immediately reached for my pocket. When I told people later, no one believed me. "Pics or it didn't happen," they said. "STFU," I said. The experience was incredible, but I've been brainwashed into thinking 232 views on my Snapstory would've made it more so.

8. It's actually really, really, really nice to have a nightly ritual that doesn't involve a phone falling on your face.


Apparently, it's possible to fall asleep earlier than 4am. WHO KNEW? Not having a phone means you actually think to do healthy adult things like meditating and self-care. My skin has NEVER been more moisturized, my bed has never been more made.

9. Which resulted in a more restful sleep than any I've ever had.


This includes my stint as a baby.

10. Smartphones = the death of discipline. This is why all our grandparents go for evening walks and eat dinner at the same time every night.


Maybe it was the restful sleep or not having access to #FoodPorn or even just an increase in free time due to not scrolling into a bottomless pit of viral garbage every night, but I ate better, worked out, and didn't miss a single yoga class. NEW RECORD.

11. OK, OK, phones are really essential for work and you might be a ~little~ out of the loop without one.

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If your job involves you being on call on at all times (or if your work WhatsApp group gives you FOMO), phonelessness isn't for you. We've developed a habit of feeling guilty if we take longer than two hours to reply to an email. That's pretty weird, but there it is.

12. I had to re-learn how to be alone.

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By day 5, things got a little intense. I'd get home from work, sit on my couch, and have no idea what to do with my hands. I craved mindless scrolling. I was throwing tantrums. I was pestering my mom more. Then, after a couple of days, I began forming the habits that our ancient pre-smartphone ancestors swear by. (I GET IT NOW, NANAJI!) I started reading more. And having conversations with my family. I went for a walk! Whoa.

13. Aside from being for recreation and communication, my phone is a safety device.

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Being a girl in India isn't always the funnest experience and being one without a phone has the potential to be straight-up terrifying. It's very reassuring, even if we don't often have to use it, to have access to all our friends and loved ones at our fingertips. And we should all memorise more phone numbers.

14. And, finally, I learned that we really are all irreversibly brainwashed.


I loved my healthier, more enriching, more discipled week of hermitude. But nothing really matters because all the changes you'll make in those seven days will be revoked as soon as you get your phone back.

*womp womp*