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14 Outrageous Lies Indian Moms Got Away With

Apparently, none of us are getting good husbands. EVER.

1. "I don't care how successful or pretty you are; no one's going to marry you if you can't cook."

Kintop Pictures / Via

2. "If you swing your legs under the table, your father will get fever."

janechii / Via

Really mom? Somewhere in this theory is the cure to cancer.

3. "If you keep snapping those scissors without any reason, Papa and I will have a fight."

IISuperwomanII / Via

4. "If you cut your nails after dark, one or several of the following things will happen to you..."

Eastern Films / Via

a) You will not be with your parents when they die.

b) Your nail debris will pollute God's food.

c) A snake will come and bite you.

d) General bad luck.

e) The apocalypse.

5. "Things you can't do on a Saturday: Get a haircut, buy new shoes, start something new."

Dharma Productions / Via

Because Saturday is reserved to par-tayy!

6. "If you don't behave yourself, we will send you to boarding school."

Warner Brothers / Via

Proven false when you showed too much eagerness to go after reading the Harry Potter series.

7. "This? This is not coke, beta. This is kadva Ayurvedic medicine!"

Gif-database / Via

Spend the rest of the day paranoid because mom is so unwell, she has to have medicines by the glassful.

8. "Finish your food or the police will come and catch you!"

Arbaaz Khan Productions / Via

Used for everything from not drinking milk to skipping homework.

9. "If you drink milk every day, you can also become like Superman. His mummy told me, she also gives him Bournvita." / Via

In case you already tried getting a spider to bite you to become Spider-Man and that didn't work.

10. "Haye! Young girls shouldn't drink tea; it will make you dark."

IFC / Via

And you darker skin will result in a drastic dip in the number of rishtas you receive.

11. "If you lie, your tongue will become black. I can check and come to know, so don't even try."

RCA / Via

Lie detecters ain't got nothing on Indian mummies.

12. "If a boy even touches you, you will have a baby."


Boys are the worst.

13. "Don't keep your hair open at night, you will get possessed by a chudail."

T-Series / Via

Nope. Nope. Nope.

14. "When I was your age, I always listened to whatever my parents said. I always came first in school, never went out with friends and made dinner every night."

New Line Cinema / Via

#Biggest #Lie #Ever

But the one time they never lie is when they tell you how much they love you.

Red Chillies Entertainment / Via

Mommy feelssss!

And no matter what, they've always got your back.

Dharma Productions / Via

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