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    Everyone Relax, We Found The Internet-Famous "Orange Wali" Girl From Mumbai's SnapStory

    While the internet lost its collective shit about her five-second cameo, we used our immense journalistic resources to track down Sonam Luthria.

    In their ongoing series of crowdsourced stories showcasing cities around the world, Snapchat FINALLY featured Mumbai yesterday.


    And Mumbaikars went all out to share our city's beauty (and obsession with mangoes) with the world.


    A few thought it was great portrayal of the best city.

    The #MumbaiSnapchat story just made my day. Missing home and my favorite city!

    Others didn't think it was as impressive as Mumbai IRL.

    The #MumbaiSnapchat story makes the city look very gareeb.

    But everyone agreed on one thing:

    Only good thing about mumbai snapchat story was that orange lehnga dupatta girl.🚺

    The internet went sorta crazy over this girl, who, in a brief appearance, described what Indians wear to weddings.

    Won't be surprised if orange wali trends today.

    And those who hadn't seen the story couldn't deal with this sudden obsession with an "orange wali".

    @ePandu what is this orange wali ladki everyone is talking about

    Bloody who is this orange wali girl and why is everyone talking about her?

    @r3dash why is the timeline going crazy over this so called 'orangewali'?

    Some even considered downloading the app to get a glimpse of her.

    Might just need to join Snapchat for that “orange wali” ladki

    All in all, Twitter was curious AF.

    Orange wali is the new 'teri bhabhi hai saale'

    10 points to the 'Orange Wali' on Snap story. But no one noticed that girl in the train eh?

    Ok, So this is the Orange girl people are talking about. Hmm

    #MumbaiSnapchat se zyada toh Orange wali trend kar rahi hai 😁

    That girl in the orange lengha on the Mumbai snapchat story, kiddhaaa 👀

    Everybody calm down, because we found her.


    The "girl in the orange lehenga" is Sonam Luthria, a Mumbai-based fashion designer. She's obvz wearing her own gorgeous creation.

    Here's another video she took in the same lehenga.

    "My friends and I were talking about the Mumbai snapstory in the morning and really wanted Mumbai to look good on it," she told BuzzFeed over email.

    Sonam Luthria

    "Being a fashion designer myself, I wanted to show something related to my field.

    I was trying out the lehenga at my studio to see if it needed any alterations and then I thought why not put it on the Mumbai snapstory and show the world what we wear for Indian weddings, since weddings are a major part of our culture."

    "I'm still finding it strange that people picked up that one Snapchat out of so many that were featured but on the positive side I'm thankful to Snapchat for the free publicity it's given me for my design. Haha," says Sonam.

    Now we know. And this guy can chill.

    Snapchat featured a girl wearing orange. Modi agents.

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