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17 Tweets That Will Make Every Indian Girl Go "Ohmygod Yaaaaaa"

"Yami Gautam's face looks brighter than my future."

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1. On unrealistic ads.

Stayfree / Via Twitter: @ShrutiSeTakkar

2. On trying to get your eyebrows on fleek.

3. On fantasies and realities.

Focus Features / Via Twitter: @iamhorcrux

4. On damage control.

Yash Raj Films / Via Twitter: @Creepowoman

5. On unsolicited advice.

6. On decision-making.

Eros International / Via Twitter: @Louisbunshun

7. On supportive parents.

Rajshri Productions / Via Twitter: @effyourstylist

8. On BS.

Sri Surya Films / Via Twitter: @iamhorcrux

9. On stupid standards of beauty.

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @KarenDcosta

10. On "compliments".

Yash Raj Films / Via Twitter: @supaarwoman

11. On flirting.

Blackberry / Via Twitter: @lovehandle_

12. On universally awkward conversations.

Manforce Condoms / Via Twitter: @iamhorcrux

13. On really feeling your outfit.

SLB Films / Via Twitter: @lovehandle_

14. On aunties.

Rajhshri Productions / Via Twitter: @thatobesewoman

15. And on turning into them.

Surf Excel / Via Twitter: @thatobesewoman

16. On being fair and lovely.

Fair & Lovely / Via Twitter: @iamhorcrux

17. And on this never-ending problem.

Eros International / Via Twitter: @npueu