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    19 People With Overprotective Parents Confess The Sneakiest Things They've Ever Done

    ♫I can't help the way I feel, but my life has been so overprotected.♫

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the sneakiest things they ever did as children of overprotective parents. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. This tattoo aficionado.

    I have six tattoos and my parents don't know about any of them. The rare times I wear shorts around them I make sure to wear a cross body purse that will cover my upper thigh piece.

    Submitted by amberc455969b8b.

    2. This elaborate ruse.

    One time in high school I had a boyfriend who wanted me to visit their country house which was almost 200 miles away from my home. Knowing my parents would never let me go, I crafted a fake "school trip" complete with a letter saying it was an all-expense paid trip, a detailed itinerary, hotel information, and of course, "contact numbers" (which were my friends' cellphone numbers). I totally got away with it. Thank you, Photoshop and Google Images!

    Submitted by Frank Princesa on Facebook.

    3. This kitnapper.

    I snuck a kitten into my dad's house in my backpack.

    My dad didn't really feel like having any pets at the time. So, I hid the cat to my bedroom and kept the door shut. When my dad heard meowing coming from my room, he asked if I had brought a cat. I looked him straight in the eye and said, 'What? A cat?!? No... It must be my TV. ' Soon after, there was scratching on the door. My dad sighed and said 'You brought a cat home, didn't you?" So, I came clean and told him the circumstances. After hearing that, he went and got litter and food, telling me I could keep it for a little while until I found it a home.

    But that never happened. My dad fell in love with the kitten, and all cats in general. Now he's happily a 'crazy cat guy.' He has adopted five indoor cats of his own, and feeds strays wet food at his house.

    Submitted by Krystal Watanabe on Facebook.

    4. This strange rebellion.

    I once got so tired of her nitpicking, overprotectiveness and criticism that my best friend and I tried to fake our own death over the phone. We planned on setting a building on fire and running away but she caught us and it was awful!

    Submitted by Angelica Thrasher on Facebook.

    5. This makeup lover.

    To get around the "no makeup until you're 14" rule, I would lower a small bag of make-up from my second floor bedroom down to the ground. It worked fine for a few months until one day the downstairs window was opened and the makeup was confiscated by my dad. Given the fact that their room was right under mine, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Submitted by Tara Valois in Facebook.

    6. This mission impossible.

    You don't know subterfuge till you're kneeling by a bedside adjusting the time on a sleeping parent's watch so you won't be late for curfew.

    Submitted via NitaG.

    7. This badass.

    Once I went on without my parents permission.

    Submitted by noahr41d004784.

    8. This opportunist.

    When I was in the 9th grade, I was not allowed to sleep out of the house. I was in my teachers office one day and saw a blank permission slip. The ones used for field trips. I stole the permission slip and filled it out as if our class was going on a school trip to Toronto, Ont. for the weekend. I not only was able to sleep out (for the entire weekend) but my excursion was also funded. I still feel bad about lying and being a terrible daughter.

    Submitted by Jen Holden-Arnott on Facebook.

    9. This bloody genius.

    My father was very strict. He also was extremely squeamish about feminine hygiene products. I learned to hide whatever needed hiding in tampon boxes. He would have much rather amputated a finger than open up one of those boxes! I was never once caught.

    Submitted by angels4d4906ef4.

    10. This runaway.

    I "ran away" with my boyfriend at the perfectly legal age of 19. I was not trusted to be alone with him without constant calls, not allowed to stay up past 10 pm. Even though I had been working since I turned 16 and paid rent, I was treated as child. So as a act of rebellion, I dropped out of school, got engaged, ran away with him and got our own place in a city over. We're now married with a beautiful child, but I do wish I had been allowed a little more freedom to make mistakes and be young just a little longer...

    Submitted by rejectedrobot.

    11. This desperate-to-get-turnt soul.

    My dad was always very against drinking. So when I was 16 almost 17 I got my hands on a six pack of Miller Lite. I slammed all six in the shower so he wouldn't know and I'm not sure that I've been that drunk in my life since.

    Submitted Chasem44613304d.

    12. This photo hoarder.

    My mom made me send pictures and videos to confirm where I was when I went out. I had an album of pictures saved of the local theatre, diner, and all my friends houses at different times of the day (depending on what time she'd ask for a photo), and videos of my friends smiling and waving to the camera with their parents in the background. I'd pull out my album any time I went to a party or concert.

    submitted by lindsayb4c08f675f.

    13. This disaster.

    Used to sneak out my bedroom window at 14 yrs old. One time coming back in I heard a crash (thought it was the cats) my mom and step dad had tied pots and pans to the window :-/ once I got in on came the lights. I got a swat of a lifetime lol.

    Submitted by melissashanellek2.

    14. This quick thinker.

    I asked a stranger at LA Pride to pretend they were my friend's mom and they were very convincing.

    Submitted by nataliee4e78ede62.

    15. This casualty.

    I tried to sneak out but we have these things on the doors that beep when you open them. But it was like 3 am so I assumed my parents were in a trance-like sleep. I ran out the door and got half-way to the driveway when my I heard my mom scream my name. And pure panic set in. So I made an elaborate lie that I went outside because I heard something and that our dog grabbed my shoe as I walked out there and that's why I was running….

    Submitted by tonibrookec.

    16. This risk-taker.

    I ordered a pizza.
    I was not kidnapped by the pizza man as my mother claimed.

    Submitted by sylviaj43332480c.

    17. This fire safety enthusiast.

    I bought a fire escape ladder to sneak out of my bedroom to get drunk and go skinny dipping with my high school boyfriend. My mum still commends me on being so proactive when it comes to fire safety.

    Submitted by emilyd4412fb53a.

    18. This overprotected Potterhead.

    The night the 7th Harry Potter book came out, I waited until my parents were asleep so I could climb out of my basement window and walk nearly four miles to the bookstore to get in line for it. I had to crawl through a thorny rosebush and avoid waking our dogs…not easy as a clumsy 16-year-old. But I got my book and came home to realize I'd actually gotten away with it! Score one for over-protected nerds!

    Submitted by colleend9.

    19. And this muggle.

    I was raised in a home that was strictly, zealously, almost religiously anti-Harry Potter. My dad was a huge fan of the series, but he wasn't around for most of my childhood so his influence didn't really make a difference.
    I specifically remember one time (I was around four years old) when I was playing at the park with some friends of mine, who were the ultimate Harry Potter fans. No joke, these kids were obsessed. This particular day they decided to play wizard and I, being the sheltered, ignorant yet cooperative four year old that I was (who obviously had no idea what was going on), grabbed a stick ("wand") like everybody else and proceeded to jump off a balance beam, doing a classic "swish-and-flick" and shouting "ARESTOS MOMENTUM" (or whatever the spell was to stop one from falling) and repeat that process several times. My mother, who had the disturbingly acute senses of any predatory animal, promptly sat me down on the nearest bench, grounding me for the rest of the day.
    When my little four-year-old self asked a distressed "why?" the answer was simply "We don't do Harry Potter."
    No explanation, no conversation, no further enlightening information on why she reacted so negatively, just that statement.
    A statement which I heard my entire childhood whenever I would ask, comment, reference or otherwise talk about Harry Potter.
    It might sound lame, but the most rebellious thing I've probably ever done is read every Harry Potter book behind my mother's back while at the library.
    And I will always remember it, even after all this time.

    Submitted by a-little-kiwi.

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