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    17 Reasons Every Dessert-Lover Should Make A Trip To India

    Your sweet tooth will be forever grateful.

    1. To experience the seasonal delight of Alphonso mango and ricotta waffles at The Pantry.

    2. To devour this baked jalebi cheesecake from Gallops.

    3. To go wild on this bubbling kulfi from SpiceKlub.

    4. To walk around Delhi with a phirni in a mitti ka kullad from Cool Point.

    5. To end a decadent meal with a pistachio paan with malai ice cream and rose foam from Masala Library.

    6. Or get some jalebi caviar instead.

    7. To enjoy this Parle-G ice cream sandwich at Gabbar's.

    8. Or even better, a Parle-G cheesecake at Farzi Cafe.

    9. To drown in this jalebi rabdi at Bombay Brasserie.

    10. To finish these masala chai kulfi popsicles at The Bombay Canteen.

    11. Or this love-child of a doughnut and a gulab jamun.

    12. To enjoy the roller coaster that is a falooda at Badshah.

    13. To shock your taste buds with a chocolate paan available in every city.

    14. To get drunk on the Old Monk chocolate cake at Monkey Bar.

    15. To wolf down some chocolate cherry ice cream in this iconic wafer biscuit from K. Rustoms.

    16. Or a simple, buttery maska pav from an Irani Cafe.

    17. And to enjoy a refreshing icy gola from the nearest roadside stall.